Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

comes 24 occurrences, 19 verses, 21 songs

And when the night of death comes on

411 Morning Prayer

But when the gospel comes

391 Sounding Joy

Comes down to dwell with you...

152 Shepherds Rejoice

306 Oxford

Hark, the glad sound! the Savior comes

441 Raymond

He comes! He comes! the Judge severe

274b Roll Jordan

He comes, He comes! to judge the world

131t Messiah

He comes, the pris’ner to release

441 Raymond

Mercy comes with balmy wings

108t Weeping Sinners

Of the Holy One comes down

59 Holy Manna

See, Mary comes a-weeping

408 Weeping Mary

The King Himself comes near

467 Lisbon

The Lord into His garden comes

64 Nashville

284 Garden Hymn

The new Jerusalem comes down

155 Northfield

299 New Jerusalem

Trav’ler haste, the night comes on

108b The Traveler

What is this that comes to pass:

117 Babylon Is Fallen

When age, old creeping age comes on

98 Dull Care

When Christ the Savior comes some morning fair

498 The Resurrection Day

When the last moment comes

312t Sing to Me of Heaven

Where parting comes no more.

499 At Rest