Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

body 17 occurrences, 12 verses, 17 songs

And let this feeble body fail

103 Animation

146 Hallelujah

And though my body turns to dust

343 Happy Home

His body bore anguish and pain

104 The Lovely Story

I lay my body down to sleep

566 Hebron

I sigh from this body of sin to be free

161 Sweet Home

My body cease to roam

387 Penick

My body must soon be removed

240 Christian Song

My body to the dust return

83b The Dying Minister

348t Ainslie

570 Farewell to All

Though we part here in body, we’re bound for one glory

116 Union

To lay this body down.

47b Idumea

288 White

428 World Unknown

While in this body here we stay

206 Christian’s Hope

While soul and body’s parting.

406 New Harmony