Indexes for The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition

blessings 18 occurrences, 18 verses, 18 songs

A thousand blessings on him rest.

150 Amity

And double blessings on his head

296 Sardinia

And praising and blessings, with angels on high

496 The Rock That is Higher Than I

Blessings to cheer a pilgrim’s days

340 Odem

For all the blessings of this life

539 Supplication

For present joys, for blessings past

318 Present Joys

Heav’n’s blessings on your plans, we pray!

334 Oh Come Away

His blessings to His heirs convey.

486 Beneficence

I need God’s blessings while I live

389 Fredericksburg

I seek His blessings ev’ry noon

203 Florida

I’ll seek His blessings ev’ry noon

542 I’ll Seek His Blessings

The choicest blessings earth can yield

180 Vermont

There blessings poured out

507 Sermon on the Mount

Thy pow’r conveys our blessings down

111t Journey Home

Thy ways abound with blessings still

344 Rainbow

We get the blessings of the Lord

488 As We Go On

Where virtues and blessings never face

449 Fatherland

With blessings full of peace and love

530 A Glad New Song