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Rogers Memorial Singing

Ephesus School, Roopville, Georgia

Sunday, March 2, 2014

The annual Rogers Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held on the first Sunday in March. The class was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Denney Rogers leading 101t. The opening prayer was offered by Henry Johnson. Denney Rogers welcomed everyone.

A business session was held with the following officers elected: Chairman—Denney Rogers; Vice Chairman—Nathan Rees; Secretary and Arranging Officer—Judy Chambless; Memorial Committee—Scott DePoy and Karlene Williams.

Leaders: Nathan Rees 56t; Judy Chambless 299; Pearl Guier 59; Cecil Roberts 97; Nate Green and Norma Green 278t; Phillip Denney and J.D. Horsley 87; Margaret Thacker 426t; Jeannette DePoy 187; Wyatt Denney and Karis Askin 340; Lauren Bock 430; Oscar McGuire 573; Cindy Tanner 220; Lela Crowder 460; Larry Ballinger 217; Jack Nelson 513; Robert Chambless 348b; Ed Thacker 225t; Rodney Ivey 432; Evelyn Harris and Ruth Daniel 47t.


The class was brought back to order by Jackie Tanner leading 421. Leaders: Randa Harris, Ava Harris, and Barry Rollins 268; Hubert Nall 168; Jesse P. Karlsberg 377; Beverly Thompson, Jade Thompson, Randa Harris, Ellie Harris, and Ava Harris 59; David Brodeur 362; Loyd Ivey 278b (for Hobert Ivey); Ann Jett 498; David Smead 383; Louis Hughes 270; Buell Cobb 433; Phillip Langley 172; Angela Myers 428; Richard Mauldin 446; Earl Ballinger 177; Jessica Kelso 180; Henry Johnson 271b; Michael Thompson 544; Wanda Capps 546; Scott DePoy 48t; John Plunkett 360; Charlene Wallace 129; Judy Caudle 195 (in memory of Shelbie Sheppard); Lisa Bennett 571; Linda Thomas 391; Cheyenne Ivey 222; Robert Rivers and Hugh McGraw 454; Jerry Creason 77b; Malinda Snow 191; Reba Windom 192.


Nathan Rees brought the class back to order by leading 30b. Leaders: Pam Nunn and Reba Windom 269; Shelbie Castillo and Reba Windom 142.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Scott DePoy and Karlene Williams. Scott spoke, and Karlene read the following list of names of the deceased: Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Tat Bailey, Lou Cotney, Teenie Moody, Franklin Rogers, Ila Crenshaw, Lessie Reed, Carlene Griffin, Carroll Lunsford, Mary Gardner, Josie Hyde, Bud Oliver, Willard Wright, Tracie Cook, Ester Stubbs, Don Boswell, Joe Mashburn, C.T. Williams, Kathleen Langley, Jetha Brooks, and Reuben Ball. Michael Thompson led 381 in memory of the deceased.

Denny Rogers, Karen Rollins, and Karlene Williams led 45t for the following sick and shut-ins: S.T. Reed, Hobert Ivey, Betty Wright, Sherry Lovvorn, Robby Anderson, B.M. Smith, Sharon Kellam, and Helen Bryson. Phillip Denney offered prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Phillip Denney and Gayle Denney 277; Ann Sibole and Jerry Creason 49b; Ann Simpson 445; Susan Rice, Laura Robinson, and Kayla McWhorter 143; John Plunkett and visitors from the Georgia Art Council 321; Richard Mauldin 43; Earl Ballinger 349; Hubert Nall 440; Larry Ballinger 389; Louis Hughes, Cindy Tanner, Ann Jett, and Wanda Capps 512; Jessie Karlsberg and Lauren Bock 212; Lisa Bennett and David Smead 38b; John Kelso and Jessica Kelso 73t; Rodney Ivey, Loyd Ivey, and Cheyenne Ivey 298; Michael Thompson and Joyce Walton 392; Scott DePoy and Jeannette DePoy 99; Judy Caudle and Angela Myers 343; Henry Johnson 425; Oscar McGuire and Cecil Roberts 229; Jack Nelson 480; Malinda Snow 38t; Ed Thacker and Wyatt Denney 176t; Nate Green and Norma Green 284; David Brodeur 344.

After announcements, Denney Rogers and Nathan Rees led 62 as the closing song. Louis Hughes offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Denney Rogers; Vice Chairman—Nathan Rees; Secretary—Judy Chambless