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New Haven All-Day Singing

Connecticut Hall, New Haven, Connecticut

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The 3rd annual New Haven All-Day Singing was held at Connecticut Hall, New Haven, Connecticut, on the third Sunday in April. Christina Wallin brought the class to order leading 38t. Angharad Davis offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Christina Wallin 150; Erin Johnson-Hill 101t; Nathalie Levine 70t; Philippa Stoddard 61; Julie Botnick 390; Angharad Davis 48t; Pattie Wareh 178; Al McCready 148; Ian Quinn 138b; Christine Andrews 481; David Stowe 318; Tarik Wareh 42; Mira Korber 72b; Steven Bzdyra 319; Kathy Manning 454; Ben Cocchiaro 327; Ellen Lueck and Bruce Ward 87; Charles Biada 545.


Gwen Gethner called the class to order leading 47t. Leaders: Paula Picton 74b; Terry Ryan 280; Martha Rogers 146; Marissa Glynias 68b; Douglas Fower 203; Maura Burns 300; Mary Andrews 344; Cora Wareh 347; Faiz Wareh 56b; Nancy Mandel 284; James Baumgartner 189; Chris Noren 268; Joanne Fuller 290.

Paula Picton and Elizabeth Stoddard conducted the memorial lesson. Paula reminded the class that there will come a time when the memorial lesson is meaningful for all of us. She asked us to think of those on the sick and shut-in list, those not on the list, and those grieving. She read the following names of the sick and shut-ins: Sammie Oliver, David Strothers, Timothy Fuller, Eva Cocchiaro, and John Van Sorison. She led 430.

Elizabeth Stoddard spoke, and read the following names of the deceased: Bud Oliver, Travis Keeton, and Willard Wright—Alabama; Dalton Smith—New Jersey; Audrey Wiscera—New York; Nancy Wyllie—Pennsylvania; Kelly Day—Indiana; Barbara Holt-Littlejohn—Florida; Frances Merryman—Maryland. She led 285t in their memory. Paula Picton offered a prayer.

Leaders: Liz Cantrell 434; Sam Kleinman 272; Mary Skidmore 179; Natalie Jablonski 432; Dean Jens 411; Sasha Hsuczyk 29t. Angharad Davis offered a prayer before the meal.


Ellen Lueck called the class to order leading 388. Leaders: Dan Hunter 44; Jason Steidl 124; Cheri Hardy 274t; Aldo Ceresa 214; Rachel Speer 187; Carol Huang 58; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 396; Rachel Hall 522; Lynne deBenedette 270; Deidra Montgomery 556; Chris Holley 278t; Gwen Gethner 538; Robert Stoddard 296; Sonia Chin 228; Ben Bath 198; Kiri Miller 383; Jacob Lee 504; Linda Shea 128; Elizabeth Stoddard 286; Jon Giles 291; Naomi Kaye 505; Ina Shea and Tyler Hale 167; Kathy Manning 176t; Doron Henkin 368.


Erin Johnson-Hill called the class to order leading 114. Leaders: Carson Evans, Julie Botnick, Nathalie Levine, and Ben Kline 162; Peter Thompson and John Clayton 38b; Benjamin Fenton 63; Sam Kleinman and Adam Poole 277; Aldo Ceresa and Gwen Gethner 297; Lynda Paul 183; Deidra Montgomery and Dan Hunter 470; Charles Biada and Hana Zegeye 159; Ellen Lueck, Marissa Glynias, and Erin Johnson-Hill 89; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Carol Huang 112; David Stowe and Ayla Lepine 365; Elizabeth Stoddard and Chris Holley 371; Sasha Hsuczyk and Cheri Hardy 313b; Natalie Jablonski and Liz Cantrell 197; Ina Shea and Nancy Mandel 313t; Mary Andrews and Christine Andrews 542; Jacob Lee and Naomi Kaye 227; Ben Bath and Lynne deBenedette 456; Rachel Hall and Sonia Chin 76b.

The treasurer reported that expenses had been met. The secretary announced that ninety-six songs had been led by seventy-four leaders from ten states. The resolutions committee thanked everyone who cooked, the food committee, the officers, the keyers, and Yale for the use of the room. We resolved to meet and sing again on the third Sunday in April, 2014.

Announcements were made. The class took the parting hand as the officers led 62. Angharad Davis offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Christina Wallin; Vice Chairman—Erin Johnson-Hill; Secretary—Nathalie Levine