Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Andrew’s Chapel Singing

Andrew’s Chapel/Schoolhouse, Upson County, Georgia

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The annual Sacred Harp singing was held at Andrew’s Chapel on the third Sunday in October. Wes Haley called the class to order leading 59. Wayne Watson offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Wes Haley; Secretaries and Arranging Committee—Mary Brownlee and Lauren Bock.

Leaders: Billy Hollingsworth 37b; Wayne Watson 112; Rita Haley 268; Mary Brownlee 556; John Plunkett 492; Erica Hinton 288; Dave Richardson 385t; Lauren Bock 69b; Riley Lee 171; Karen Clark 70t (for Floy Wilder); Robert Kelley 482; Charlene Wallace 373; Matt Hinton 73t; Shannon Primm 540.


Wes Haley called the class back together leading 73b. Leaders: Rosemund Watson 503; B.M. Smith 284; Sharon Hamrick 276; Jesse Karlsberg 486; Lela Crowder 391; Mark Godfrey 83t; Lauren Harrison and Charity Kauffman 138b; Trent Peachey 338; Martha Harrell 74b; Robert Chambless 77t; Leigh Cooper 42; John Hollingsworth 186; Judy Chambless 432; Oscar McGuire 441; Margie Smith 225t; Molly Ellis 370. The blessing for lunch was offered by John Hollingsworth.


Wes Haley called the class back to order by leading 34b and then passed a basket for the collection. Leaders: Riley Lee 163b; Judy Chambless and Robert Chambless 527; Shannon Primm 500; Karen Clark 569t; B.M. Smith and Margie Smith 149; Dave Richardson 473; Trent Peachey 318; Billy Hollingsworth 236; Lauren Bock and Jesse Karlsberg 195 (requested by Raymond Hamrick); Robert Kelley 489; Molly Ellis 477; Martha Harrell, Rosemund Watson, and Mary Brownlee 94; Mark Godfrey and Leigh Cooper 384; Lauren Harrison and Charity Kauffman 282; Oscar McGuire 229; Anna Hinton 40; John Plunkett 297; Jesse Karlsberg 225b (requested by Charlene Wallace); Matt Hinton 228; Dave Richardson 335; Erica Hinton 108t.

Following announcements, Rosemund Watson closed the singing leading 347. The closing prayer was offered by John Hollingsworth.

Chairman—Wes Haley; Secretaries—Mary Brownlee and Lauren Bock