Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church

Roopville, near Ephesus, Georgia

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The annual Sacred Harp singing at Hopewell Primitive Baptist Church in Roopville, Georgia, was held on the third Sunday in June. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Karen Rollins leading 32t. The opening prayer was offered by Robert Chambless.

Bentley McGuire led 285t. During the business session, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairlady—Karen Rollins; Vice Chairman—Bentley McGuire; Secretary—Karleen Williams; Arranging Committee—Sherry Lovvorn and Margie Smith; Memorial Committee—Paige Harrod and Kathy Williams.

Leaders: Kathy Williams 120, 186; Tom Ivey 47t, 455; Karen Swenson 298; Jeff Sheppard 460; Margaret Gillanders 278t; Charlene Wallace 195; Ted Brown 97; Linda Selph 83t; Jacqui Selby-McLeod 131b; Michael Walker 208; Helen Brown 392; Ruth Steggles 454; Sharon Strong 567; Maria Wallace 474; Sarah West 335; Chris Brown 29b; Judy Whiting 475.


The class resumed singing with Stanley Edwards leading 283. Leaders: Jeannette DePoy 494; Matt Hinton 542; Carol Selleck 34t; Jesse Karlsberg 470; Nathan Rees 444; Terry Barber 500; Erica Hinton 540; Shelby Sampson 547; Jade Thompson 97; April Watkins 277; Jenna Frey 358; Aldo Ceresa 476; Lewis Hughes, Jr. 112; Judy Chambless 319; Jack Nelson 480; John Plunkett 340. Chuck White, the church treasurer, gave a financial report.


The afternoon session began with Bentley McGuire leading 138t. Leaders: Oscar McGuire 344; Richard DeLong 67.

Paige Harrod began the memorial lesson by reading the following list of deceased: G. F. Rogers Jr., Evelyn Rogers, Alene Denney, Elder Gerald Hand, Larry Williams, Ona Faye Watts, and Lee Rogers. Karen Rollins, Karleen Williams, Paige Harrod, Sherry Lovvorn, and Denney Rogers led 45t.

Kathy Williams led 400 for the following sick and shut-ins: Jerry Rollins, Leonard Maxwell, Phyllis Wiggins and Sharona Nelson’s mother. Lewis Hughes offered prayer to close the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Shannon Primm 312t; Lewis Hughes 166; Susan Muse and Phyllis Bickers 61; Robert Chambless 163b; Floy Wilder 350; Scott DePoy 201; Bobby Watkins 348b; Malinda Snow 422; Laura Frey 178; Tony Hammock 196; Lela Crowder 30t; Sheree Taylor 324; Mary Jo Shafer 117; Mercy Watkins 215.


The class was brought back to order. Leaders: Evelyn Harris 155; Ann Simpson 452; B.M. Smith and Lonnie Rogers 225t, 389.

Announcements were made. Karen Rollins and Bentley McGuire led 46. The closing prayer was offered by Bobby Watkins.

Chairlady—Karen Rollins; Vice Chairman—Bentley McGuire; Secretary—Karleen Williams