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Northern Shenandoah Valley Singing

Grace Church, Berryville, Virginia

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The 16th annual Northern Shenandoah Valley Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. at Grace Church by Kim Moreno, who led 59 as the opening song. Kim Moreno offered the opening prayer.

During a business session, the following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Nora Dunn; Vice Chairperson—Leyland delRe; Treasurer—Erin Gum; Secretary—Joel Miller; Assistant Secretary—Fiona Nugent.

Leaders: Nora Dunn 171; Leyland delRe 72b; Joel Miller 99; Fiona Nugent 224; Erin Gum 274t; Mary Langley 539; John delRe 466; Kathy Manning 500; Kelly Macklin 505; Mary Wright 446; Katherine Fahey 111b; Jon Giles 298; Sarah Whites-Koditschek 176t; Evan Duncan 80b; Pat Temple 567; Guy Bankes 550; Sheila Nugent 480; Miles Deacon 178; Tim Slattery 344; Mary Ann Daly 92; Ina Shea 568; Neil Golden 276.


Cathy Tucker called the class back together by leading 34b. Leaders: Rosalie Duncan 106; Joni Seidenstein 506; Will Reilly 235; Frank Evans 315; Dan Hunter 342; Clare Chapin 120; Richard Green 163t; Eileen Metzger 182; Jim Strube 540; Kevin Griffin Moreno 218; John Alexander 312b; Tom Tucker 442; Lois Beatty 479; Zoe Clay 112.

Nora Dunn and John Daniel delRe conducted the memorial lesson. Nora Dunn spoke and led 68b in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: John Plunkett, Nancy Katzen, Joyce Baldacci, Erin Kelly, Mairi Quodomine, Victoria Bolles, Miles Schofield, Mario delRe, and Dan Macklin. John Daniel delRe spoke and led 27 in memorial. Kim Moreno closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Carly Goss 230; Adrian Mariano 367; Craig Baughan 324; Deidra Montgomery 385b; Susan Green 551; Jim Glaser 396; Ben Vincent 270; Don Polaski 373; Nate Matthews 197; Tom Clay and family 155. Kim Moreno offered a prayer prior to lunch.


Jon Giles called the class back together by leading 32t. Leaders: Ruth Wampler 207; Kevin Sims 208; Zach Bullock 101t; Greg Freemon 285t; Sandra Polaski 148; Dean Jens 47b; Cathy Tucker 192; Hal Kunkel 362; Kelsey Sunderland 532; Oliver Kindig Stokes 411; Julian Damashek 196; Lauren Bock 217; Thom Metzger 522; Rachel Speer and her mother 282; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 432; Aldo Ceresa 214; Jimmy Brady 77t; Allison Schofield 58; Nora Dunn 240; Kelly Macklin 428; Eileen Metzger 457; Guy Bankes and Laura Densmore 549; Nate Matthews 348b; John delRe 425.


Pat Temple called the class back together by leading 198. Leaders: Joel Miller 329; Lara Eilhart 203; Deidra Montgomery 548; Susan Green 350; Ben Vincent 189; Jon Giles 430; Leyland delRe and Jason Braithwaite 82t; Kim Moreno and John Daniel delRe 475; Hannah Polaski, Will Polaski, and Don Polaski 299; Lauren Bock 434; Pat Temple and Mary Wright 63; Kathy Manning and Sheila Nugent 76b; Kelsey Sunderland 492; Joni Seidenstein and Adrian Mariano 419; Jim Glaser and Jim Strube 569t; Tom Tucker 376; Rachel Speer and Fiona Nugent 209; Hal Kunkel 339; Allison Schofield and Jan Erik Steele 319; Julian Damashek and Zach Bullock 105; Ina Shea, Dan Hunter, and Sarah Whites-Koditschek 468; Carly Goss, Kathy Fahey, and Neil Golden 228; Kevin Griffin Moreno and Erin Gum 333; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 354t; Mary Ann Daly 383; Ruth Wampler and Oliver Kindig Stokes 394; Thom Metzger and Aldo Ceresa 216.

Leyland delRe offered resolutions recognizing the hard work of all committees and individuals who contributed to the success of the singing. Announcements were made. The closing song was 323t, with the class extending the parting hand as they sang. Chaplain Kim Moreno offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Nora Dunn; Vice Chairperson—Leyland delRe; Secretary—Joel Miller; Assistant Secretary—Fiona Nugent