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“Connexion” and Jeremiah Ingalls
Bicentennial Singing

Newbury, Vermont

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Chairman Tom Malone welcomed singers to the Bicentennial celebration of Jeremiah Ingalls’ 1805 fasola tune book, The Christian Harmony. This singing will be held from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, as well as a new four-shape edition of Ingalls’s book edited for this event.

The first session was held from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Chairman Tom Malone called the class to order leading 31t. Leaders: Aldo Ceresa 39t; Paul Gauthier 34t; Corrone Bryant 287; Dan Hertzler 171; Robert Dove 66; Ian Smiley 68t; Debbie Moody 300; Chris Noren 217; Joanna Lampert 86; Ishmael Stefanov 277; Jim Armstrong 452; Bob Metz 178; Susan Miller-Coulter 67; Rick Johnston 229; Bill Holt 224; Ann Kazlauskas 118; Jenny Wright 147t; Deirdre Counter 454; Rebecca Edwards 105; Lynette Combs 163b; Neely Bruce 250.

The second morning session was held from a new four-shape edition of The Christian Harmony by Jeremiah Ingalls (ICH). Leaders: Tom Malone 2; Matthew Wojcik 106; Don Towle 3; Laura Timmerman 15; Sean Mannion 101 (t? b?); Rania Neocleous 78; Leonard Spencer 117; Susan Jaster 120; Richard Schmeidler 113; Ishmael Stefanov 177; Aldo Ceresa 43; Paul Gauthier 126; Dan Hertzler 32 (t? b?); Dennis O’Brien 119.

Tom Malone conducted the memorial lesson and led 60 in memory of the following deceased: Mary Stamos and Pauline Morganson—Connecticut; Mr. Morecki—Massachusetts; Betty McLellan—New Hampshire; Roxanna Mennella—New York; Corey McFadden and Laurette Elizabeth Wojcik—Vermont.

Joanna Lampert led 67 for the sick and shut-ins, which included Scott McPherson, Gene Reid, Nancy Reid, and Judi Von Dolan—Massachusetts; Leslie Shelby and Leslie Williams—New York; Heidi Willis and Susan Weaver—Vermont; Sally Hintz and Tom Kennedy—Washington. The memorial was closed.

Leaders: Robert Dove 7; Ian Smiley 40.


Tom Malone brought the class back to order for the afternoon session leading 5 (ICH). The class agreed to lead tunes from both books for the duration of the afternoon singing. Leaders: Terry Ryan 84; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 189; Dennis O’Brien 304; Ann Johnston 284; Lyra O’Brien 538, Nym Cooke 63 (ICH); Corrone Bryant 515; Debbie Moody 46 (ICH); Rebecca Edwards 440; Jim Armstrong 8 (ICH); Rick Johnston 59 (ICH); Chris Noren 207 (ICH); Bob Metz 479; Susan Miller-Coulter 410t; Jenny Wright 504; Joanna Lampert 45 (ICH); Neely Bruce 209 (ICH); Bill Holt 151 (ICH), Deirdre Counter 38b.


Tom Malone called the class to order with 128 (ICH). Leaders: Anne Kazlauskas 198 (ICH); Matthew Wojcik 92 (ICH); Laura Timmerman 318 (ICH); Rania Neocleous 9 (ICH); Leonard Spencer 185 (ICH); Sean Mannion 83 (ICH); Lynette Combs 61 (ICH); Susan Jaster 201 (ICH); Donald Towle 139 (ICH); Laura McCarty 143 (ICH); Richard Schmeidler 173 (ICH); Terry Ryan 312b; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 218 (ICH); Anne Johnston 385t; Lyra O’Brien 114 (ICH); Robert Dove 566; Ian Smiley 81 (ICH); Aldo Ceresa 221 (ICH).

Tom Malone led 57 (ICH) as the closing song. Rev. Don Towle offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Tom Malone; Vice Chairman—Don Towle; Secretary—Joanna Lampert.