Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Elmore Center Singing

Elmore Center United Methodist Church, Gordo, Alabama

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The 166th annual session of the Elmore Center Sacred Harp Singing was held at Elmore Center United Methodist Church, near Gordo, Alabama, on Wednesday before the third Sunday in August. The class was called to order by Jack Pate, who welcomed everyone. The morning prayer was offered by Wendell Rinehart.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jack Pate; Vice Chairman—Toney Smith; Secretary—Lena Keeton; Arranging Committee—Wayne Baines.

Leaders: Jack Pate 341; Eugene Forbes 68b, 100; Jim Aaron 503, 452; Clint Moss 373, 75; Kate Moss 128; Kate Moss and Ann Brantley Moss 354b, 457; Rachel Richards 235, 490. Toney Smith introduced David Holmes, pastor, who welcomed everyone.


Toney Smith called the class back to order and introduced Gary Farley, who played “Amazing Grace” on the harmonica. Toney spoke about the history of this singing and led 59. Leaders: Travis Keeton 343, 290; Faye Donaldson 30t, 129; Hugh Bill McGuire 61, 565; Velton Chafin 39b, 339 (in memory of Billy Williams); John Van Horn 72b 81t; Steve Adams 331, 378t; Wendell Rinehart 445, 31t; Lena Keeton 282, 43; Larry Ballinger 213b, 271b; Latrieve Bailey 48t, 345t; Wayne Baines 48t, 146. The blessing before the noon meal was offered by Pastor David Holmes.


The afternoon session began with Jack Pate leading 535. Leaders: Toney Smith 57; Kate Moss and Ann Brantley Moss 294, 75; Clint Moss 358; Travis Keeton 481; Eugene Forbes 127; Jim Aaron 163b; Rachel Richards 569b; John Van Horn 106; Hugh Bill McGuire 310; Latrieve Bailey 571 (CB); Velton Chafin 35; Steve Adams 309; Faye Donaldson 225t; Lena Keeton 497; Larry Ballinger 108b; Wendell Rinehart 259 (?); Wayne Baines 45t (in memory of Jerry Enright of Illinois, George Seiler of New York, and Billy Williams of Alabama).

Jack Pate invited everyone to come back next year, and offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jack Pate; Vice Chairman—Toney Smith; Secretary—Lena Keeton