Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New York City Singing

Brooklyn, New York

Saturday, September 16, 2023

The New York City All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in September at the Brooklyn Friends Meetinghouse. Liora O’Donnell Goldensher called the class to order by leading 34b. Jason Steidl Jack offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Emma Rose Brown 37t; Jasmine Mendoza 47t; Sam Kleinman 129; Elsa Phemayotin 335; Becca Rohrer 77t; Hayley Earnest 30b; Buck Wanner 384; Quinn Ross 270; Molly Dektar 33b; Gary Ryan 378b; Jon Giles 329; Jason Steidl Jack 105; Charles Biada 539; Sue Peters 77b; Hannah Polaski 299; Ian Davis 448b; Nancy Mandel 266.

The following officers and committee members were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Emma Rose Brown; Vice Chairman—Jasmine Mendoza; Treasurer—Sara Lott; Arranging Committee—Sam Kleinman and Elsa Phemayotin; Secretary—Becca Rohrer.


Kobi Bordoley led 81t to call the class back together. Leaders: Sunny Lawrence 472; Ross Parker 287; Gideon Dresdner 111b; Eric Xu 99; Isaac Bligh 31t; Guy Bankes 344; Sara Lott 399b; Gwen Gethner 214; Sarah Parker and Ross Parker 182; Paul Clazing and Rochelle Semple 268; Clay Zeller-Townson 337; Michaela Natal 466; Tim Leonard 183; Rachel Hall and Keillor Mose 355.


Matthew Kaufmann led 131b to call the class back together. Leaders: Joel Rosen 315; Hollie Long and Wendi Martin 208; Anna Melton 282.

Hayden Arp conducted the memorial lesson and read the names of those noted to be sick or housebound: Dan Phemayotin, Bruce Saylor, Ruth Ann Bryant, Corrone Bryant, Lance Fulton, Tom Waggener, Pat Waggener, and Ella Gilliland.

Hayden Arp read the following list of names of the deceased: Anthony Erfe and Audrey McLain—Ohio; Charlotte Ehrman, John Deyter, and Ann Zeller—New York; Lydia Lewallen—North Carolina; Eva Striebeck—Germany; Graham DeZarn—Virginia; Luke Lyman and Ashley Boothby—Colorado; Philip Denney and George Burnette—Georgia; Karen Brooks—Kansas; David Fetcho—California; William R. Wylie—Maine; Irena Katz—Massachusetts; Ted Mercer—Illinois; Nancy Parris—Kentucky; George Benefield—Arizona. Hayden Arp then led 138b in honor of the sick, housebound, and deceased. Jason Steidl Jack offered a prayer.

Leaders: Patrick DeDauw 499; Marie Brandis 328; Sophie Sokolov 498; Angela Ruggiero-Corliss 56b; Taylor Ward 69t; Ginny Huszagh 228; Erin Fulton 447; John Davis 168; Chelsea Feltman 474; Thomas Ward 404; Miriam Delirium 176b; Madeleine Smith 290. Jason Steidl Jack led a prayer before lunch.


Micah John Walter led 213t to call the class back together. Leaders: Alice Beattie 189; Em Ekelund 506; Tim Eriksen 507; Maggie Zhou 349; Evelyn Saylor 495; David Smead 201; Deidra Montgomery 196; Nicole Collins 542; Becky Wright 377; Lisa Bennett and Nicole Collins 110; Rachel Rudi 460; Suzanne McFate and C.J. McFate 72b; Corinne Ducey 345b; Rachel Farber 392; Keillor Mose 295; Mike Chaffin 480; Lindsay Kruse 432; Gwen Gethner and Charles Biada 440; Maia McCormick 178; Sarah Parker and Ross Parker 547; Carol Huang 500; Robert Krug 117; Hayden Arp 434; Kevin Beirne 475; Micah John Walter and Emma Hasselbach 376; Lisa Bennett and David Smead 521; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher and Patrick DeDauw 512. Announcements were made.

Emma Rose Brown led 146 as the closing song. Jason Steidl Jack offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Emma Rose Brown; Vice Chairman—Jasmine Mendoza; Secretary—Becca Rohrer