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Pioneer Valley Singing

Deerfield Community Center, Deerfield, Massachusetts

Saturday, July 1, 2023

The 21th annual Pioneer Valley All-Day Singing was held at the Deerfield Community Center on Saturday before the first Sunday in July. The class was called to order by Tim Eriksen leading 171. Leaders: Kit Walsh 36b; John Davis 32t; Myles Louis Dakan 460; Luke Mosher 268; Jana Yeaton 95; Jeremy Galvagni 100; Nic Tuff 33b; Christine Andrews 500; Rick Johnston 436; Liz Patton 187; John Holbrook 384; Erin Fulton 374; Wendy Sibbison 220; Ron Trial 200; Joseph Dunn 85; George Sigut 448t; William Schuller 132; Micah John Walter 377; Matthew Leger-Small 475.


Peter Irvine called the class back together leading 155. Leaders: Anna Bowen 478; Johnathan Spencer 411; Ben Sachs-Hamilton 270; Laura Clampitt and Susannah Hoffman 335; Sue Peters 73t; Yael Tarshish 440; Janet Spongberg and Emily Ehrensperger 129; Kelly House 99.

Jana Yeaton led 285b for sick and shut-in singers listed below: Lance Fulton, Tim Gregg, Ella Gilliland, Nancy Paris, Tom Waggener, Sue Dierlis, Dan Phemayotin, Liam Lehrer, Pat Waggener, David Carlton, Jesse Vear, Malcolm Snape, and Jennifer Jones; as well as in memorial for the following deceased: Ronnie L Troxtell and Mary Troxtell—Kentucky; Philip Denney—Georgia; John Dexter, David Eye, and Jon Werberg—New York; Pete Sutherland—Vermont; Hoff—DC/VT; Cordelia Reimer, Aaron Reimer, and Benjamin Reimer—Massachusetts; William R Wylie—Maine; Lydia Lewallen—North Carolina; Martha Lane Browne.

Singing resumed after Jana’s prayer with Becky Wright leading 312b. Leaders: Allison Steel 345b; Bill Holt 455; Elsa Phemayotin 426t; Guy Bankes 534; Irene Gilb 372; Charles Biada 337; Mary Skidmore 426b.


The afternoon session began with Kit Walsh leading 326. Leaders: Ateven Snderson 32b; Peter Irvine and Linda Shea 168; Marie Brandis 212; MB Gowins 300; Ivy Hauser 528; Stina Soderling 375; Sarah Maiko 198; Amy S. Finlay 189; Gwen Gethner 216; Tristan Gordon 157; Andrew Magee 56b; Lilly Israel 361; Joanne Fuller 406; Tim Eriksen 245; Liz Patton 383; Luke Mosher 59; William Schuller 410t; Erin Fulton 320 (in honor of Tom Waggener of Mississippi).


Myles Louis Dakan called the class back to order leading 40. Leaders: Ron Trial 497; Emily Ross 182; George Sigut 72b; Joseph Dunn 47b; Irene Gilb 348t; Elsa Phemayotin 445; Jenny Brown 558; Guy Bankes 444; Wendy Sibbison 548; Sarah Maiko 454; Tristan Gordon 101t; Christine Andrews 456; Sue Peters 97; Stina Soderling 441; Ivy Hauser 67. Matthew Leger-Small closed the singing leading 62.

NOTE—Special thanks to John Davis and Historic Deerfield, who graciously offered an indoor singing space when the original outdoor venue became unusable due to wildfire smoke.

Chairman—Matthew Leger-Small; Vice Chairman—Will Harron; Secretary—Kit Walsh