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Cape Cod Singing

Friends Meeting House, West Falmouth, Massachusetts

Saturday, February 8, 2020

The annual Cape Cod All-Day Singing from The Sacred Harp was held at the Friends Meeting House in West Falmouth, Massachusetts, on Saturday before the second Sunday in February. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Liz Cantrell leading 31b. The opening prayer was offered by Jana Yeaton. Leaders: William Schuller 46; Liz Patton 32t; Bill Holt 33b; John Hughes 122; Leah Velleman 36b; Christopher Kain 467; Rachel Stevens 82b; Gwen Gethner 155; Danny Wood 137; Dennis O’Brien 480; Jana Yeaton 448b; George Howe 312b; Christina Foley 42; Lyra O’Brien 466; MB Gowins 171; Tom Padwa 473; Sally Langendorf 75; Chris Geissler 479; Elizabeth Stoddard 501; Joan Frankel 284; Charles Biada 146.


Leah Velleman called the class back together by leading 47t. Leaders: Pippa Stoddard 35; Sylvia Martin 474; Rachel Taylor 207; Kerry Cullinan 342; Bill Holt 34b; Chris Frantz-Dale 65; Laura Hodges 208; Jennie Brown 179; Tarik Wareh 423; Richard Schmeidler 475; Mike Richards 186; Chris Holley 384; C.J. McFate 159; Leon Pulsinelle 28b; Suzanne McFate 290; George Howe 569b; Tom Padwa 515; Rachel Stevens 198; John Hughes 227; Christopher Kain 496; Liz Patton 192; Joan Frankel 414; Dennis O’Brien 297. Tarik Wareh asked the blessing before lunch.


Suzanne McFate called the class back to order by leading 56t. Leaders: Jana Yeaton 324; Chris Geissler 505; Leah Velleman 302; Laura Hodges 145t; Gwen Gethner 548; Leon Pulsinelle 354t; MB Gowins 187; Sally Langendorf 148; Lyra O’Brien 456; Christina Foley 217; Elizabeth Stoddard 454; Jennie Brown 460; Tarik Wareh 353; Susan Williams 274t; Chris Holley 422; Danny Wood 176b; Richard Schmeidler 254; Pippa Stoddard 228; Rachel Taylor 157; Liz Cantrell 328; Adele Anderson 163t; Chris Frantz-Dale 101t.


Jana Yeaton led 335 to bring the class back together. Leaders: Mike Richards 291; Kerry Cullinan 569t; William Schuller 406; Suzanne McFate 82t; Sylvia Martin 485; Bill Holt 112; Susan Williams and Chuck Micciche 178; Adele Anderson 287; C.J. McFate 319; Charles Biada 430; Rachel Taylor, Elizabeth Stoddard, and Chris Holley 556; Leon Pulsinelle 385t; Gwen Gethner and Chris Geissler 370; Peter Irvine 270; Jennie Brown and MB Gowins 318; Tarik Wareh 76t; Tim Eriksen 236.

In a business meeting, the class elected Bill Holt as Chairman for next year. The Treasurer reported that expenses were met. The Secretary reported that eighty-seven songs were led by forty-four leaders representing all New England states (except New Hampshire), and New York and New Jersey. The Resolutions Committee thanked almighty God, thanked the West Falmouth Preparatory Meeting for allowing the singing to use the Meeting House, thanked Chuck Micciche, Molly Cornell, and Susan Williams for continuing over several years to anchor the singing community on and near Cape Cod, and thanked everyone who attended and helped to make the singing happen. The resolution was adopted to sing again on or near Cape Cod on Saturday before the second Sunday in February, 2021. After announcements, Liz Cantrell, William Schuller, and Liz Patton led 62, and the class took the parting hand. Kerry Cullinan offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Liz Cantrell; Vice Chairman—William Schuller; Secretary—Liz Patton