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Pioneer Valley Singing

First Congregational Church, Sunderland, Massachusetts

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The 18th annual Pioneer Valley All-Day singing was brought to order by Ivy Hauser leading 81t. The opening prayer was offered by Ivy Hauser.

Leaders: Cat Walsh 187; Nic Tuff 33b; Crispin Youngberg 34t; Matthew Leger-Small 111b; Sally Langendorf 176b; Lily Bell 31t; Nathan Aldrich 432; Ron Woodland 479; Becca Hawkins 335; Wendy Sibbison 475; Micah Walter 112; Corey Walters 192; Margaret Youngberg 372; Sheldon Finlay 383; Stina Soderling 157; Molly Sweetser 332; Becky Wright 51; Aisha Morgan 339.


Jeremy Galvagni called the class back to order by leading 74b. Leaders: George Sigut 448b; Jana Yeaton 277; Liz Patton 428; Alex Spencer 547; Christine Andrews 299; Lilly Israel 59; Constance Des Marais 504; Mike Richards 536; Cheri Haire 481; Jonathan Spencer 324; Yael Tarshish 384; Jennie Brown 460; Dan Hertzler 108t; Anya Skibbie 454; Molly Merritt 558.


Michael Nord called the class back to order by leading 421. Leaders: MB Gowins 121; Kitty Kagey 101t; Dan Cappoch 212; Vicky Hayes 546; Will Harron 63; Jesse Beller 300; Mary Skidmore 346; Laura Hodges 208.

Andrew Forsthoefel read the following list of names of sick and shut-ins and led 32b in their honor: Katherine Glatter, Chloe Romach, Julie Vernon, Leland Kusmer, Bob Frankel, William Halchuk, Keith Brown, Debbie Tewksbury, Katherine Tennes, Peter Walts, Christine Rorj, Baby Rowan, Pauline Burgdorf, Judie Conrad, Ron Bornick, Margaret Bornick, and Sharon Lehr.

Gerald Clark read the following list of names of the deceased and then led 30b in their memory: Mary Ellen Schrock—New York and Florida; Stacy Phillips—Connecticut; Janet Shea and Erica Zissmann—Massachusetts; Steve Helwig—Oregon; Jean Flening—New York; Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo—Florida; Dudley Brown—District of Columbia; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Jim Hudgens—South Carolina; and John Byrne Cooke—Wyoming.

Leaders: Tarik Wareh 52b; Laura Timmerman 129; Barbara Swetman 448t; Linda Shea 229; Liz Cantrell 352; Joan Frankel 143; Peter Irvine 480.


Tim Eriksen called the class back to order by leading 37b. Leaders: Matthew Wojcik 306; Pattie Wareh 228; Anna Mays 227; Jean Seiler 273; Philippa Stoddard 220; Wing Mui 344; Angharad Davis 304; Rebecca Edwards 474; Kay Kinderman and Christine Andrews 183; Kerry Cullinan 501; Allison Steele 542; Anya Skibbie 573; Mike Richards 528; Liz Patton 234.


Leaders: Dan Hertzler 545; Jennie Brown 411; Jeremy Galvagni 216; Margaret Youngberg 29t; Becky Wright 26; Cheri Haire 87; Yael Tarshish 440; Rebecca Edwards 303; Wing Mui 442; Hannah Graham and Matthew Leger-Small 55; MB Gowins 548; Jesse Beller 345t; Will Harron 390; Mike Nord 176t; Vicki Hayes 137; Dan Cappoch 477; Joan Frankel 284; Liz Cantrell 56t.

Committee reports were given and announcements were made. Cat Walsh, Nic Tuff, Lilly Israel, and Ivy Hauser led 62 as the closing song. Ivy Hauser offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ivy Hauser; Vice Chairman—Cat Walsh; Secretary—Nic Tuff