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Berkshire Foothills Singing

Old Meeting House, Granville, Massachusetts

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The 11th annual Berkshire Foothills All-Day singing was brought to order by Nathan Aldrich leading 47t. The opening prayer was offered by Lindsay Popper.

Leaders: Lilly Israel 157; Ivy Hauser 36b; Sheila Kelley 475; John Holbrook and Wendy Sibbison 477; Andrew Forsthoefel 448b; Nick Maione 456; Laura Clampitt 460; Jeremy Galvagni 155; Laura Timmerman 81t; Christopher Kain 565; Cat Walsh 187; Bob Parr 208; Sally Langendorf 176b; Jesse Beller 378b; Holly Laws, Serena Laws, and Abby Drumm 82t; John Hughes 276; Laura Clawson 186; Brian Harris 42; Chris Frantz-Dale 455.


Wendy Sibbison called the class to order by leading 162. Leaders: Matthew Leger-Small 377; Rachel Adelstein 218; Christina Wallin 280; Ron Woodland 479; Jeremy Galvagni 64; Pat Callahan 548; Becca Hawkins 230; Philippa Stoddard 57; Jonathan Spencer 453; Stina Soderling 39t; Sue Peters 82b; Micah Walter and Laurie Tupper 201; Liz Patton 70b; Tarik Wareh 129; Liz Cantrell 391; Laura Borrelli 385b.


Gerald Clark called the class to order by leading 511. Leaders: Linda Shea 318; Mary Skidmore 383; Liz Oakley 547; George Sigut 178; Jennie Brown 192; Rachel Taylor 480.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Janet Spongberg and Allison Steel. Janet read the following list of names of sick and shut-ins before leading 68b in their honor: Katherine Glatter, Cheri Haire, Chris Holley, Kathe Pilobosian, Sarah Scott, Hannah Lee, Mary Jean McCarthy, Curtis Owen, Danny Englestein, Michael Kaye, and Chloe Rombach.

Allison Steel read the following list of names of the deceased before leading 348b in their memory: Herbert Eriksson, Edward Swetman, Barry Redlich, and Jean Coppola—New York; Donnie Aldrich—Rhode Island; Ruth Hooke and Carol Ackerman—Massachusetts; David Gay and Pat Colteryahn—Vermont; Julie Vea—Wisconsin; Michael Sensor—Pennsylvania; John Bayer—Ohio; Hugh McGraw, Johnny Lee, and Delorese Lee—Georgia; Charles Wells—Minnesota; Edith Owen—Texas; Robert Peele—New Hampshire; Albert Whittaker—New Hampshire; Janet Hogan—Ontario; John Dixon—England; Mary Lynch and Aaron Brockelbank—Maine; James Oakley—Connecticut.

Leaders: Tristan Gordon 410b; Dan Hertzler 159; Gwen Gethner 196. Lindsay Popper asked a blessing for the meal.


Sheila Kelley called the class to order by leading 299. Leaders: Vicki Hayes 126; Maura Burns 179; Jesse Polhemus 398; Liora O’Donnell Goldensher 320; Corinne Ducey 300; Ian Quinn 156; Claire Hogan 114; Sam Kleinman 189; Evelyn Lamb 372; Emma Rose Brown 422; Jean Seiler 200; Philippe Doyle-Gosselin 83t; Deidra Montgomery 216; Kerry Cullinan 38t; MB Gowins 411; Elizabeth Stoddard 564; Vale Cofer-Shabica 210; Leonard Spencer 260; Jesse Vear 454; Patrick Friesen 406.


Matthew Leger-Small called the class back to order by leading 328. Leaders: Pattie Wareh 425; Charles Biada 165; Robert Stoddard 217; Joan Frankel and Bill Holt 414; Ryan Nash and Brian Harris 110; Maggie Shar 112; Barbara Swetman 542; Laura Hodges 50t; Scott Harriman 498; Nicholas Tuff 32b; Eileen Roab 183; Chris Noren 268; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 531; Faiz Wareh 39b; Becky Wright and Gerald Clark 166; Robert Taylor 144; Tim Eriksen 236; Bill Holt 203; Mike Richards 73t; Allison Steel 345b.

Committee reports were given and announcements were made. Nathan Aldrich, Lilly Israel, and Ivy Hauser led 62 as the closing song. Lindsay Popper offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Nathan Aldrich; Vice Chairman—Lilly Israel; Secretary—Ivy Hauser