Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New York City Singing

Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims, Brooklyn, New York

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The 3rd session of the New York City Singing was held at Plymouth Church of the Pilgrims in Brooklyn, New York, on Saturday before the third Sunday in September. Aldo Ceresa called the class to order leading 77b. Diane Mennella offered an opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Aldo Ceresa; Secretary—Rachel Speer; Arranging Committee—Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Dean Jens.

Leaders: Rachel Speer 371; Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg and Dean Jens 354t; Greg Mulkern 276; Diane Mennella 52t; Michael Kaye 198; Nancy Mandell 148; Roland Hutchinson 518; Joanne Fuller 131b; Terry Ryan 29t; Laura Borelli 53; Susan Bingham 362; Ian McGullam 504; Cindy Sadler 173; Claire Simon 270; G. C. Waldrep 532.


Kevin Griffin Moreno called the class back to order leading 70t. Leaders: Dean Jens 67; Holly Laws 273; Anna Nowodgroski 335; Gabriel Kastelle 383; Karen Edwards and Dan Edwards 278b; Violet Krumbein 70b; Justin Squizzero 217; Ina Henkin 29b; Anna Hendrick 192; Crystal Burnham 506; Sheldon Finlay 110; Richard Schmeidler 254; Joanne Bowman 168; Bill Dunn 300; Brenda Peña 480; Elizabeth Stokes 375; George Seiler 159; Jennie Brown 224; Anna Mays 326; Gina Balestracci 472; Dan Adams 56b; Judith Parker and Gabriel Kastelle 86.


Lynne deBenedette called the class back to order leading 82t. Leaders: Kiri Miller 448b; Chris Noren 99; Sarah Allard 146; Linda Shea 475; Hal Kunkel 558; Amy Finlay 203; Kelsey Sunderland 214; Matt Wojcik 215; Leyland delRe and Paula Picton 436; Jenna Strizak 277; Jean Seiler 299; Eliza Cavanaugh 30t; Lynne deBenedette 76b; Allison Schofield 542; Barbara Swetman 481; Lauren Bock 269; Oliver Kindig-Stokes 314; Kim Moreno 89; Greg Mulkern 503; Kitty Kagay 216; Frank Griggs 272; Merv Horst 452.


The afternoon session began with Judy Caudle leading 32t. Leaders: Chris Holley 384; Barbara Barry 284; Paul Setford 105; Molly Whedbee 376; Inga Knets and Sylvester Morgan 546; Tim Eriksen 236; Richard DeLong 411; Jessica Beer 430; Judy Caudle 195; Nathan Rees 227; Elene Stovall 196; John delRe 434; Bridgett Hill 377; Kelly House 556; Allison Davis 454; Kevin Griffin Moreno 365; Laura Timmerman 340; Matt Hinton 142; Jenna Strizak and Lynne deBenedette 30b; Brendan Cooney, Anna Mays, Elizabeth Stokes, and Oliver Kindig-Stokes 298; Charlotte Ehrman 350; Jennie Brown and Abby Minor 339.


Frank Griggs called the class back to order leading 31t. Leaders: Crystal Burnham 111b; Dean Jens 68b; Gail Harper 33b; Dan Adams and Suzanne Canahan 179; Justin Squizzero and Allison Schofield 564; Shana Norberg and Dan Bodah 155; Amy Finlay and Sheldon Finlay 189; Matt Hinton 47b; Lauren Bock and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg 419; Aldo Ceresa and Greg Mulkern 218; Elene Stovall, Judy Caudle, and Bridgett Hill 440; Paul Setford 40; Jean Seiler and George Seiler 200; Paula Picton and Richard Delong 395; Molly Whedbee and Jessica Beer 344; Joanne Fuller, Kelsey Sunderland, and Anna Hendrick 112; Gabriel Kastelle and Ina Henkin 545; Leyland delRe, John delRe, Kim Moreno, and Kevin Griffin Moreno 327.

Announcements were made. The treasurer, Dean Jens, reported that generous offerings had been collected in excess of expenses. The secretary reported that 104 songs were sung by 93 leaders.

The officers led 62 as the closing song. Diane Mennella offered a closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Aldo Ceresa; Secretary—Rachel Speer