Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northern Shenandoah Valley Singing

Berryville, Virginia

June 5, 1999

The sixth annual all day singing of the Northern Shenandoah Valley was held at Grace Episcopal Church Parish Hall in Berryville, Virginia on Saturday before the first Sunday in June. Kelly Macklin called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. by leading song on page 91. Paula McGray offered the opening prayer. John delRe led song on 126; Craig Baughan 178; Janine Smith 124; and Guy Bankes 441.

The class organized for the day with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—John delRe; Vice Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Secretary—Mary Wright; Arranging Committee—Tom Tucker and Cathy Tucker; Memorial Committee—Pat Temple and Craig Baughan; Treasurer—Kathy Manning; Chaplain—Paula McGray.

Leaders: Hal Kunkel 99; Paula McGray 34b; Doron Henkin 100; Mary Wright 337; Tom Padwa 569b; Iris Knell 146; Evan Duncan 80b; Joanne Devoe 68b; Pat Temple 180; Leyland delRe 101b; Ellie Solar 148; Kathy Manning 319; Tim Slattery 415; Diane Mennella 95.


Tom Tucker brought the class together leading song on page 216. Leaders: Doron Henkin “Place In My Heart”; Claire Chapin 143; Ray Showalter 49b; Sarah Davie 171; Marilyn Estep 547; Mary Ann Daly 455; Beth Hoffman Reed 385 (t? b?); John delRe 144; Cathy Tucker 480; Kelly Macklin 218; Craig Baughan 229; Janine Smith 51; Guy Bankes 28b; Hal Kunkel 380; Paula McGray 343; Tim Slattery 228; Mary Wright 58; Tom Padwa 145b; Iris Knell 172; Evan Duncan 222; Joanne Devoe 54; Pat Temple 48 (t? b?); Leyland delRe 212; Ellie Solar 287; Kathy Manning 196. Announcements were made. Paula McGray offered prayer to bless the food for the noon meal.


Tom Tucker brought the class together for the afternoon session by leading song on page 31 (t? b?). Leaders: Diane Mennella 30b; Miriam Kilmer “Kosovo”; Doron Henkin 86; Claire Chapin 523; Ray Showalter 49 (t? b?); Sarah Davie 454; Marilyn Estep 268.

A memorial lesson was held for those who have died in the past year. The names of those remembered were: Shirley Green, Joan Ruben, Pat Burkholder, Joseph Slattery, Jim McCarty, George Moore, Michael Kilmer, and Suzita Cecil Myers.

Craig Baughan spoke on the theme “Departure”, invoking those who had sailed away from the Old World to the New, never to return, or to see their loved ones left behind again. Craig Baughan led song on page 267.

Pat Temple led a prayer for those sick and shut-in who could not be with us this day, and led song on page 27. Sick and shut-ins remembered were: Mary Ann Dunn, Chris Curran, Marie Davie, Robert Cecil, Donna Abrahams, Mary Kay Friday, Blake Morris, and Dorothy Garber. Paula McGray closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Mary Ann Daly 373; Beth Hoffman Reed 299; John delRe 192; Daniel Henkin, Gilead Henkin, Hannah Henkin, John Daniel delRe, Anna Taylor, Sofia Gayek, and David Gayek 276 (children’s lesson); Cathy Tucker 236; Iris Knell 81 (t? b?); Kelly Macklin 280.


The class resumed singing with Tom Tucker leading song on page 42. Leaders: Hal Kunkel “Saving Grace”; Mary Ann Daly “Jesus Is”; Beth Hoffman Reed 180; Craig Baughan 66; Janine Smith 406; Guy Bankes 147b; Paula McGray 217; Tim Slattery 344; Mary Wright 290; Evan Duncan 513; Joanne Devoe 484; Pat Temple 475; Tom Padwa 159; Ellie Solar 277; Kathy Manning 135; Diane Mennella 564; Doron Henkin 189; Claire Chapin 497; Tom Tucker 294; Sarah Davie 384.

Kelly Macklin thanked the hard working committee members and everyone for joining us. John delRe led song on page 62 as the closing song. Paula McGray led the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—John delRe; Vice Chairman—Kelly Macklin; Secretary—Mary Wright.