Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing

Pisgah Presbyterian Church,
Versailles (near Lexington), Kentucky

May 15, 1999

The eighteenth session of the annual Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in May. The class was called to order at 9:00 a.m. by Ron Pen leading song on page 58. Ron Pen welcomed everyone, briefly went over the schedule for the day, and thanked Rev. Mike Ward (in absentia), Pastor of Pisgah Presbyterian Church, for once again so graciously letting us use the church for our singing. Ron Pen read a brief passage from the “Essay on Music” from the ‘91 Sacred Harp book as an invocation. Charles Coulston convened the morning session.

Leaders: Raphael Finkel 454, 49t; Caroline Simmons 147t, 117; Sharon Hill 80 (t? b?); Mary Brinkman 178, 535b; Keith MacAdam 196, 569 (t? b?); Charles Coulston 155, 209; Bob Sears 39 (t? b?), 354 (t? b?); Don Waggener 59; Irene Mitchell 27, 31t; Frank Mitchell 108b, 108t; Michele Cull 479, 146; Bob Meek 452, 441.


The class was called back together by Rob Baker leading songs on 455 and 288. Leaders: Joy Dunn 183, 299; Denise Morris 391, 538; Ron Pen 524; Rob Baker 133; Bob Meek 454, 312b; Frank Mitchell 358.

The Memorial lesson was presented by Keith MacAdam.

Mary Brinkman spoke of two past college friends, both of whom have passed since last year’s annual singing and both from Missouri: Joseph Martin and Patricia Kretchmer. Joseph Martin had called Mary Brinkman to chat when he was in Lexington visiting family; she had not spoken with him in well over 25 years before that. Joseph died in a plane crash less than two weeks later. Mary commented that it felt very much as if Joseph had called to “re-connect after many years, and to say good-bye”. Patricia Kretchmer’s death remains a mystery, until Mary can get more information. Mary Brinkman led song on page 47 (t? b?) in their memory.

Ron Pen spoke very highly of Gina Skaggs Epifano, originally from Kentucky, whom he had known as a talented music student at University of Kentucky, then as a very competent professional and wonderful person. Ron led song on page 118 in her memory.

Bob Meek led song on 313 (t? b?) for Janet Borman of Illinois. Bob commented on meeting Janet at a singing in Chicago and then later of her coming to singings in Louisville. He recalled the last time he saw her in the spring of ‘98 when she turned to wave to him from her car as she left one of his singings. He commented that we should keep in mind that at any given time we see someone, it could be the last.

Keith MacAdam mentioned that his deceased mother, memorialized at a previous singing, had “given him music” by very carefully and thoroughly teaching him, herself a music teacher. He asked that as he led song on page 159, we each think of any person or people who gave us music. The memorial was closed.

Denise Morris led song on page 318 as a blessing before lunch, and also offered heartfelt and thankful verbal thanks for all of life’s joy in the Spirit.


The afternoon of singing began with Raphael Finkel leading song on page 66. Leaders: Don Waggener 232, 410 (t? b?); Denise Morris 250; Joy Dunn 73b; Caroline Simmons 29 (t? b?); Sharon Hill 212; Phil Cullum 268; Keith MacAdam 269; Michele Cull 34b; Irene Mitchell 105; Charles Coulston 300; Ron Pen 236; Raphael Finkel “Lansdowne” (his composition); Michele Cull 457; Don Waggener 338; Bob Meek 68b; Phil Cullum 523; Phil Todd 320; Joy Dunn 47b; Caroline Simmons 84; Bob Meek 322, “Samanthra” (Southern Harmony).

Ron Pen thanked the conveners, memorial lesson leader, those who prayed, recording secretary, Rev. Mike Ward, and all those who attended and brought such delicious food for the dinner on the grounds. Ron Pen led song on page 267 as the closing song. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ron Pen; Secretary—Mary Brinkman.