Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pleasant Hill (Johnson School House)

Aldridge Memorial - Fayette County, Alabama

June 11, 1995

The annual Aldridge Memorial Sacred Harp Singing held at Pleasant Hill was called to order by Elene Stovall leading song on page 36b. The morning prayer was led by Earl Ballinger. Elene Stovall led song on page 47t. Elene Stovall appointed Joan Aldridge as Chairperson, and then in turn appointed Elmer Conwill as Vice Chairman, Josie Hyde as Secretary, and Travis Keeton as Arranging Committee. Joan Aldridge led song on page 49t, and leaders called were: Hubert Hood 49b, 569 (t? b?); Clearcy Ruttledge 37b, 42; Arnold Moore 490; Gene Wakefield 143, 168; Keterina Sanders 89, 73t; Edwin Ballinger 67, 108b; L. E. Hannah 388 in memory of Robert Aldridge, 187; Allison Stovall 124, 146; Johnny Humber 134, 452b.


Elmer Conwill called the class back leading song on page 275b. Leaders were: Lola Roberson 300, 297; Bud Oliver 345t, 145b; John Hyde 129, 314; Mae Conwill 97, 379; Tom Harper 434, 436, 500; Bonnie Rye 77t, 278b; Josie Hyde 408, 329; Dorothea McCowan 276, 196; Amanda Denson 272, 142; Ila Ingle 137, 335; John Hocutt 331, 378 (t? b?), 475. The class was dismissed for lunch.


The afternoon session was called to order by Travis Keeton leading songs on pages 270, 209, and 294 for Era Shaw. Leaders were: Larry Ballinger 90, 91; Bruce Rye 317, 76b; Earl Ballinger 139, 87; Fred Killingsworth 123t, 72b; Shirley McCoy 217, 380. At this time a memorial session was held in honor of the Aldridges. Elene Stovall led 441 for Aunts Fleecie and Elsie, and 192. Amanda Denson presented a plaque from the Sacred Harp Publishing Company in honor of Robert Aldridge to his daughter, Joan Aldridge. Joan Aldridge led 454 and 371 in his memory. Vera Mae Cole and Anna Lou Couch led song on page 318. Cousins of the Aldridge Families: Irene Killingsworth, Willa Rush, Isiah Livingston, Johnny Mae Key, Carmen Aldridge, Victoria Aldridge, Elsie Key, and Joan Aldridge song on page 45t. End of Memorial. Leaders called were: Cecil Sanders 30t; Josh Keeton 108t, 111b; Glenn Keeton 143 (in memory of Robert Aldridge), 231; Elmer Conwill 200 (in memory of Robert Aldridge). Joan Aldridge led 294 (by request), and 46 for the closing song. The closing prayer was led by Earl Ballinger.

Chairperson—Joan Aldridge; Vice Chairman—Elmer Conwill; Secretary—Josie Hyde.