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Bristol Singing

Frenchay Quaker Meeting House, Frenchay, Bristol, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 13, 2023

The 8th Bristol All-Day Sacred Harp singing was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in May. The class was called to order by Bridget McVennon-Morgan leading 131b. Al Williams offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Samuel Turner 274b; Joyce Smith 59; Barry Parsons 314; Steve Brett 72b; Rachel Wemyss 35; Jessica Beer 348b; Mandy Rose 457; Al Williams 87; Kate Kirwan 171; Susannah Gill 89; Joyce Cy L 459; Joe Vickers 376; Greg Carson 276; Katie Ahern 30t; Steve Fletcher 77t; Sonia Nayer 159; Seth Dickens 454; Karen Turner 542; Sophie Lockhart 410b; Jacoba Bruneel 411; Richard Mayers 173; Rob Mahoney 455.


Sarah West brought the class back to order leading 162. Leaders: Julie Heptinstall and Sheila Girling Macadam 163b; Margaret Bradshaw 212; Steve Biggs 45t; Teresa Maguire 83t; David Garman 277; Rowan Simms 548; Cath Saunt 91; Nigel Bowley 49b.

The memorial and sick and housebound lesson was given by Jessica Beer who spoke movingly on the ways we remember people, and what we remember them for. The memorial and sick and housebound lists were read by Calum Parker and Jacoba Bruneel. We thought of our friends who couldn’t be with us on the day, through circumstance and sickness, and heard the names of these friends, Hannah Land, Helen and Ted Brown, and Fynn Titford-Mock amongst them. Regrettably, the full list was not recovered from the Meeting House.

We heard the names of friends and family who had died in the past year, or during non-singing periods of the coronavirus pandemic, when we were unable to remember them together in this way. The names read were Betty Walsh—Co. Kilkenny, Valeska Cervantes—Mexico, Courtney Mulcahy—London, Vera Byrne—Dublin, Sabin Bataga—Romania, Teresa Cavallar—Italy, Dave Thorpe—London, Richard Drane—London, Anna Zamboni—Italy, David Alder—Scotland, Lydia Lewallen—North Carolina, John Heptinstall—Kenilworth, Alistair Sayles—Leeds, Rob Oldcorn—Sheffield, David Childerhouse—Thetford, Jerry Barty—East Wittering, Charlotte James—Chatham, Cheryl Foreman—Texas, Graham DeZarn—Virginia, Gill Peake—Norfolk, Michael Keane—Newport and Bristol, Mary Turner—Midsomer Norton, Mike Cooper—Catsfield. Jessica Beer led 499.

Leaders: Derek Buckland 278t; Jan Geerts 172; Mary Hodgkins 350; Marcos Sullivan 272; Constance Des Marais 315; Brenda Bowley 400; Stacy Hackner 440; Vicki Elliot 200; James Roche 556. Cath Saunt delivered the lunch prayer.


Al Williams called the class back to order by leading 42. Leaders: Samuel Turner 82t; Sam Carter 191; Nick Hall 436; Sheila Girling Macadam 377; Lloy Cook 46; Matthew Parkinson 269; Michael Walker 426b (for Helen and Ted Brown); Rachel Jordan 189; Edwin Macadam 280; Seth Dickens 474; Susannah Gill 150; Sarah West 128; Vicki Elliot 532; Nigel Bowley 495; Katie Ahern 517; Richard Mayers 263; Cath Saunt 217.


Rowan Simms called the class back together by leading 166. Leaders: Derek Buckland 160b; Francis Barton and Steve Brett 448t; Steve Fletcher 85; Margaret Bradshaw 168; Rob Mahoney 535; Lloy Cook 452; Jacoba Bruneel 114; Joe Vickers 138b; Janna Itter and Marcos Sullivan 196; James Roche 549; Michael Walker 290; Sam Carter 100; Matthew Parkinson 76t.

Joyce Smith gave the following secretary’s report: over the course of the day, seventy-five registered singers sang seventy-six songs. We welcomed singers from seven countries (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Germany and Canada). Meg Winter gave the treasurer’s report stating that all costs were met.

Bridget McVennon-Morgan led 521 as the closing song. Al Williams offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bridget McVennon-Morgan; Vice Chairman—Samuel Turner; Treasurer—Meg Winter; Secretaries—Joyce Smith, James Roche, Kate Kirwan, Barry Parsons