Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Maine Singing

Cumberland Fairgrounds, Cumberland, Maine

Saturday, July 23, 2022

The 19th session of the Maine All-Day Singing was held on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in July. Sara Sandberg called the class to order leading 47t. Dan Harper offered a prayer.

Leaders: Rachel Taylor 40; Scott Harriman 105; Cheri Haire 56t; Elizabeth Stoddard 39t; Nick Pappas 57; Jesse Vear 36b; Owen Stoddard 52t; Ethan McNerney 448b; Pippa Stoddard 85; Ron Trial 200; Joan Nagy 523; Bill Holt 99; Sally Langendorf 229; Larry Bingham 178; Margaret Hughes; Eric Sandberg 505; Liz Patton 422; Kerry Cullinan 38t; Janet Ross Snyder 86; Dan Harper 300; Charles Biada 203; Erin Fulton 484; George Sigut 448t.


The class was brought back to order by Cherie Haire leading 82t. Leaders: Gwen Gethner 399b; William Schuller 138b; Donna Carlson 274t; Charles Crawford 546; Jean Rosenberg 547; Eric Sandberg 68b; Chris Holley 72b; Brenda Dunlap 101b; Pete Sandberg 378b; Jan May 276; Jonathan Spencer 320; Joan Nagy 504; Robert Stoddard 28b.

Pleasance Crawford remembered the sick and shut-ins and led 50b for Ruth Anne Bryant, Corrone Bryant, David Fuller, Joann Fuller, Sonny Huckaby, Linda Berkheimer, Jay Wu, and Bobbie Goodell.

David Rosenberg conducted the memorial lesson and led 163b in memory of the following deceased: Joan Aldridge—Alabama; Hooey Pen and Ronnie Troxtel—Kentucky; Graham DeZarn—Virginia; Larry Gordon, Leonard Spencer, Elke Schuman, Tony Barrand—Vermont; Martin Williams and Rebecca Over—United Kingdom; Erica Brinton; Andy Johnson—New Hampshire; Juliette Vear, Betty Richardson, Antoinette Pezet, Dee Clarke, Christina Holt, Hugh Awalt, and Peter Golden—Maine; Merv Horst—New York; Susan Bingham—New Jersey; Jim Fawcett—Massachusetts; Phil Devine—Rhode Island.

Leaders: George Sigut 122; Gwen Gethner 277; Dan Harper 236; Elizabeth Stoddard 430; Ron Trial 198; Erin Fulton 173; Jean Rosenberg 269; Kerry Cullinan 415; Jesse Vear 208. Chris Holley offered grace before lunch.


The class was brought back to order by Chris Holley leading 146. Leaders: Charles Biada 123t; Margaret Hughes 29t; William Schuller 564; Hal Booth 254; Pippa Stoddard 216; David Rosenberg 34b; Sally Langendorf 314; Bill Holt 550; Janet Ross Snyder 551; Liz Patton 543; Nick Pappas 304; Jonathan Spencer 149; Jan May 228; Brenda Dunlap 179; Pleasance Crawford 389; Larry Bingham 485; Donna Carlson 340; Chris Holley 341.


The class was brought back to order by Jonathan Spencer leading 324. Leaders: Rachel Taylor 207; Scott Harriman 436; Cheri Haire 148; the Stoddard family 42; Charles Biada 345b; Ethan McNerney and Patty Berry 313b; the Sandberg family 33b; Nick Pappas and Harriett Walker 163t; Jan May 344; Joan Nagy 162; Kerry Cullinan with all Vermont singers 189.

Sara Sandberg and Rachel Taylor led 62 as the closing song. Chris Holley dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Sara Sandberg; Secretaries—Hal Booth and Kathe Pilibosian