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South Yorkshire Singing

Wisewood Methodist Church, Wisewood, Sheffield, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 14, 2022

On Saturday before the third Sunday in May, singers gathered in Wisewood, Sheffield, to convene the South Yorkshire All-Day Singing. This class normally gathers on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in February, but were unable to meet due to the Covid-19 pandemic. For the same reason, singers were unable to meet for the annual Goodshaw All-Day Singing that would have convened Saturday before the third Sunday in May. South Yorkshire Sacred Harp thanks Judy Whiting and Chris Brown for the use of their regular singing date and hopes to sing in Goodshaw again in 2023. Jacoba Bruneel called the class to order by leading 82t. Richard Mayers offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Vicki Elliott 176t; Chris Brown 31t; Sam Carter 147t; Hannah Land 36b; Joe Vickers 70b; Eimear O’Donovan 81t; Johannes Sauer 36t; Ed Johnson-Williams 303; Derek Buckland 68t; Tom Sprackland 102; Joel Wallenburg 35; Helen Brown 212; Sheila Girling Macadam 440; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 47b; George Simms 32b; Phil Tyler 217; Ted Brown 74b; Erin Johnson-Williams, Owen Johnson-Williams, and Luke Johnson-Williams 460.


Simon Dumpleton called the class to order by leading 306. Leaders: Claire Welford 270; Joshua Lant 534; Robert Stoddard 542; Matthew Parkinson 411; Edwin Macadam 280; Erin Johnson-Williams, Owen Johnson-Williams, and Luke Johnson-Williams 97; Derek Buckland 341; Eimear O’Donovan 32t.

Ted Brown spoke for the sick and housebound and for the deceased. He read the following list of names of the sick and housebound: Cath Tyler, Melanie Hauff, Eva Streibeck, and Liz Owen. He also read the following list of names of the deceased: Julia Bryan, Rebecca Over, Giles Cooper-Hall, Alan Weeks, Bob McKitterick, Pauline Hoyland, Ian Wallace, Philip Ralls, and Peter Grant—United Kingdom; Colin McDougall—France; Rüdiger Forster—Germany; Coy Ivey, Joan Aldridge, Sally Gwylan, Mary Jane Ceresa, Don Walker, Larry Gordon, Landis Powell and Tony Barrand—USA. Ted led 566, and closed the lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Richard Mayers 546; George Simms 72b; Tom Sprackland 556; Phil Tyler 428; Chris Brown 392; Johannes Sauer 285t; Leilai Immel-Parkinson 494. Joe Vickers gave thanks for the midday meal.


Claire Welford called the class to order by leading 274t. Leaders: Ed Johnson-Williams and Owen Johnson-Williams 419; Joe Vickers 433; Sam Carter 302; Joel Wallenburg 189; Richard Mayers 77t; Robert Stoddard 349; Sheila Girling Macadam 562; Vicki Elliott 564; Hannah Land 543; George Simms 283; Edwin Macadam 550; Joshua Lant 536; Helen Brown 522; Jacoba Bruneel 142; Matthew Parkinson 234; Ted Brown 43; Vicki Elliott 275t; Simon Dumpleton 547; Chris Brown 56b; Calum Woods 126; Erin Johnson-Williams, Owen Johnson-Williams, and Luke Johnson-Williams 227.


Eimear O’Donovan called the class to order by leading 309. Leaders: Joe Vickers 466; Jacoba Bruneel and Sam Carter 278t; Tom Greig 89; Will Marlow and Calum Woods 178; Derek Buckland 319; Sheila Girling Macadam and Edwin Macadam 236; Robert Stoddard 228; Matthew Parkinson, Leilai Immel-Parkinson, Isaac Immel-Parkinson, and Annabell Immel-Parkinson 87; Johannes Sauer and Hyke Sakaras 551; Calum Woods 297; Ed Johnson-Williams and Erin Johnson-Williams 495; Helen Brown and Ted Brown 187; Richard Mayers 455; Claire Welford 320; Joshua Lant 181; Phil Tyler 549; Hannah Land 475.

Vicki Elliott and Jacoba Bruneel led 347 as the closing song. Eimear O’Donovan offered the closing prayer.

Chairpersons—Jacoba Bruneel and Vicki Elliott; Secretaries—Tom Sprackland and Chris Brown