Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Middle Georgia Sacred Harp Singing

Union Primitive Baptist Church, Johnstonville, Georgia

Saturday, April 16, 2022

The 17th annual Middle Georgia Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in April. Oscar McGuire welcomed the class and led 59. John Plunkett offered the morning prayer. Oscar McGuire led 34b.

A business session was held. The class voted for the following officers: Chairman—Oscar McGuire; Vice Chairman—Lisa Bennett; Secretary—David Smead.

Leaders: Lisa Bennett 310, 418; Andy Ditzler 285t, 445; David Brodeur 83b, 353; Glenda Collins 143, 300; Bert Collins 399b, 142; David Smead 34t (for Allen Strosnider), 472; Ryan Christopher and Andy Ditzler 397.


Lisa Bennett called the class to order leading 405. Leaders: Mary Brownlee and John Brownlee 47b; Lilly Hooks and Rosemund Watson 354b; Bill DuPre 276, 82t; Wayne Brymer and Oscar McGuire 45t; Michael Spencer 420, 370; Rosemund Watson 147t (in memory of Bob Crawford), 94; John Plunkett 156, 415.


Oscar McGuire called the class to order leading 145t. Leaders: Lisa Bennett 224; Andy Ditzler 385b; David Brodeur 329.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Lisa Bennett. The following sick and shut-ins were recognized: Philip Denney, Angela Benton, Virginia Dyer, and Melvin Kersey. The following is a listing of names of the deceased since the last session of this singing, which was in 2019: Leigh DuPre, Rebecca Over, Harry Eskew, Bob Crawford, Bentley McGuire, John Ditzler, Jen Ditzler, Richard DeLong, and David Grant. Lisa Bennett led 70t. Wayne Watson closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Glenda Collins 340; Bert Collins 97; David Smead 236; Stephen Hammock and Oscar McGuire 128, 282; Mary Brownlee and John Brownlee 348b; Lilly Hooks, David Brodeur, and David Smead 268; Bill DuPre 475 (in memory of Leigh DuPre); Michael Spencer 354t; Rosemund Watson 503; John Plunkett 115; David Smead 149 (by request); Wayne Watson 480 (by request). Announcements were made.

Rosemund Watson led 347 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by John Brownlee, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Oscar McGuire; Vice Chairman—Lisa Bennett; Secretary—David Smead