Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rehoboth House New Year’s Singing

Osage Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

March 5-6, 2022

Saturday, March 5

The sixth annual Rehoboth House New Year’s Singing was held, belatedly, on March 5-6, 2022. Rachel Hall called the class to order by leading 397 (ShH). Patti Davis offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Patti Davis 300t (ShH); Kai Guerrieri 7b (ShH); Fayge Horesh 11 (ShH); Doron Henkin 246b (ShH); Kass Urban-Mead 3b (ShH); Sophie Sokolov 270 (ShH); Ben Fink 404t (ShH); Thomas Ward 178 (ShH).


Erin Fulton called the class to order leading 70t (ShH). Gwen Gethner 112 (ShH); Jason Steidl 430 (ShH); Tristan Gordon 320 (ShH); Stina Soderling 176 (ShH); Charles Biada 23 (ShH); Ian Quinn 6b (ShH); Chris Cotter 14 (ShH); Anna Melton 147 (ShH); Emma Rose Brown 127 (ShH); Liora O’Donnell-Goldensher 128 (ShH); Erin Fulton 90 (ShH); Jasmine Mendoza 114 (ShH). Ben Fink offered the noon blessing.


Fayge Horesh called the class to order leading 208b (CH). Leaders: Chris Cotter 121t (CH); Kevin Beirne 179 (CH); Gwen Gethner 168b (CH); Tristan Gordon 244b (CH); Ian Quinn 172 (CH); Liora O’Donnell-Goldensher 67b (CH); Charles Biada 364 (CH); Carol Huang 276 (CH); Stina Soderling 215 (CH); Jason Steidl 546b (CH); Jasmine Mendoza 203 (CH); Erin Fulton 531 (CH); Doron Henkin 362 (CH); Sophie Sokolov 239b (CH); Thomas Ward 23b (CH); Kass Urban-Mead 121b (CH); Patti Davis 343 (CH); Kai Guerrieri 150 (CH); Ben Fink 214 (CH); Rachel Hall 432b (CH).


Emma Rose Brown called the class to order leading 281b (CH). Leaders: Patti Davis 77 (CH); Fayge Horesh 117 (CH); Doron Henkin 184 (CH); Jasmine Mendoza 365 (CH); Jason Steidl 142 (CH); Thomas Ward 510b (CH); Carol Huang 61t (CH); Kai Guerrieri 403b (CH); Charles Biada 332 (CH); Kevin Beirne 138 (CH); Erin Fulton 478b (CH); Gwen Gethner 105t (CH); Sophie Sokolov 60 (CH); Ian Quinn 111b (CH); Liora O’Donnell-Goldensher 455b (CH); Tristan Gordon 211t (CH); Phoebe Koenig and Kass Urban-Mead 140 (CH); Ben Fink 228 (CH). Rachel Hall led 336t (CH) as the closing song. Jason Steidl offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, March 6

Rachel Hall called the class to order leading 101t. Nancy Tkacs offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Ben Fink 208; Doron Henkin 187; Patti Davis 384; Sophie Sokolov 105; Emma Rose Brown 142; Kass Urban-Mead 315; Anna Melton 114; Tristan Gordon 36b; Liora O’Donnell-Goldensher 138b; Charles Biada 382; Stina Soderling 269; Gwen Gethner 112; Thomas Ward 101b; Erin Fulton 34t; Ian Quinn 512; Kevin Beirne 48t; Nancy Tkacs 535; Benjamin Hoffman 313b; Ben Fink 245; Kass Urban-Mead 216; Sophie Sokolov 548.


Pete Sandeen and Rachel Hall called the class to order leading 457. Leaders: Doron Henkin 385b; Patti Davis 86; Thomas Ward 569b; Liora O’Donnell-Goldensher 466; Tristan Gordon 73t; Rachel Hall 377; Charles Biada 411; Erin Fulton 330t; Nancy Tkacs 497; Stina Soderling 68b; Benjamin Hoffman 455; Ian Quinn 123t (in memory of his mother); Gwen Gethner 123b; Anna Melton 108b; Miriam Delirium 122; Kevin Beirne 565. Rachel Hall led 425 as the closing song. Thomas Ward offered the closing prayer, quoting Isaac Watts: “And let our songs abound, and let our tears be dry.”

Chairperson—Rachel Hall; Secretary—Patti Davis