Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Clermont-Ferrand Sacred Harp Singing

Centre Jean Richepin, Clermont-Ferrand.

Saturday, October 17, 2020

The 3rd Clermont-Ferrand All-Day Sacred Harp Singing was called to order at Salle n°7 du Centre Jean Richepin by Thibaud Fêche leading 276. Frédéric Eymard offered the morning prayer.

Frédéric Eymard taught a singing school and led 47t.


Quentin Vincent called the class to order leading 47b. Leaders: Marie-Laure Prot 38b; Florine Vieilly-Eymard 68b; Myriam Verstraete 30t (dedicated to singers coming from afar); Joël Rivet 161; Anne Oddon 31t; Eric Parsotam 159; Nick Hemming 49t; Frédéric Eymard 40; Thibaud Fêche 569b; Kristel Cosker 178; Marie-Hélène Blondel 500; Rosine Blein Berger 452; Léna Demengeon 313b.


Quentin Vincent led 268 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Marie-Laure Prot 277; Florine Vieilly-Eymard 228; Myriam Verstraete 146 (dedicated to the missing); Joël Rivet 312b (dedicated to Samuel Paty); Eric Parsotam 354b; Nick Hemming 535; Frédéric Eymard 77t; Thibaud Fêche 168; Kristel Cosker 274t; Marie-Hélène Blondel 545; Léna Demengeon 114; Anne-Cécile Chatelier 49b.


Léna Demengeon called the class to order leading 107. Leaders: Marie-Hélène Blondel 504; Kristel Cosker 86; Thibaud Fêche 155; Frédéric Eymard 275t (dedicated to Michael Walker, Mary Jane Wilkie and Werner Ullah); Florine Vieilly-Eymard 350; Marie-Laure Prot 111b; Quentin Vincent 547; Myriam Verstraete 332; Joël Rivet 457; Frédérique Leymonie 376; Eric Parsotam 523; Nick Hemming 28t.

A business meeting was held during which Marie-Hélène Blondel gave the Secretary’s report announcing that twenty-four people came to sing, sixteen leaders, all from France, and forty-two songs had been led during this day. Due to the pandemic, there was no Finance committee nor announcements, the business meeting was concluded.

Thibaud Fêche led 347 as the closing song. Marie-Laure Prot gave the closing prayer and the class sang 34b as happy birthday song for Frédéric Eymard, and then the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Thibaud Fêche; Secretary—Marie-Hélène Blondel