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Union Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Union Primitive Baptist Church, Temple, Georgia

Saturday, March 7, 2020

The 3rd annual Union Primitive Baptist Church Singing began at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday before the second Sunday in March. Daniel Williams called the class to order leading 48t. Larry Andrews offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Samuel Williams and Larry Andrews 127; David Smead 424.

The following officers were elected: Chairman—Daniel Williams; Vice Chairman—Samuel Williams. David Smead was appointed secretary. Lisa Bennett was appointed to arrange.

Leaders: Henry Johnson 88b; Nicholas Thompson 213t (for his newborn niece); Sarah George 145b; Richard DeLong 36t; Esther Williams 236; Winfred Kerr 283; Helen Bryson 505; Isaac Green 541; Glenda Collins 300; Bill DuPre 128; Anne Wheeler 178; Cecil Roberts 312b; Elizabeth Azbell 76b; Bert Collins 97; Fallon Dyer 77t.


Daniel Williams called the class back to order leading 74t. Leaders: John Plunkett 92; Anna Hinton 183; Chrissy Brown 163b; Thomas Smith 535; Sheri Taylor 327; Justin Bowen 138b.

Matt Hinton conducted the memorial lesson. He mentioned the recent focus on sickness in the news, and the related fears of isolation, sickness, and death, and encouraged us to consider how isolation affects those on the sick and shut-ins list. He read the following list of names: Virginia Dyer, Velton Chafin, Coy Ivey, Barry Rollins, and Harry Eskew. Matt Hinton led 566 for the sick and shut-ins.

Matt then spoke about his recent experience of looking through photos he’s taken at Sacred Harp singings, and repeatedly seeing singers who made a big impression on us and are no longer with us, including Charlene Wallace, who is on the deceased list today. He read the following list of deceased: Charlene Wallace, Robbie Rivers, Dot Patterson, Mildred Patterson, and Susan Roberts—Georgia; Margaret Spurlock, Wilda Holmes, Rollan Edwards, and Ruth Daniel—Alabama; Roy M. Davis—Mississippi; Stephen O’Leary—California; Nigel Martin Cumber—United Kingdom. Matt Hinton led 285t in memory of the deceased, and offered a prayer to close the memorial service.

Leaders: Lauren Bock 32b; Eli Hinton 299; Amber Davis 234; Tom George 478; Lisa Bennett 484; Oscar McGuire 479; Garrett Morton 29t. Henry Johnson asked a blessing before the noon meal.


Samuel Williams called the class to order leading 333 (LD). Leaders: David Smead 298; Sarah George 546; Justin Bowen 498; Lauren Bock 400; Nicholas Thompson 304; Amber Davis 454 (for Virginia Dyer); Matt Hinton 464; Fallon Dyer 430; Tom George 339; Anna Hinton 383; Lisa Bennett 112 (in memory of Margaret Spurlock); Isaac Green 279; Richard DeLong 123b; Thomas Smith 72b; Henry Johnson 375; Elizabeth Azbell 416; Bill DuPre 35; Sheri Taylor 148; Chrissy Brown 235; Garrett Morton 106; Anne Wheeler 551; Emmadean Williams and Samuel Williams 290; Oscar McGuire 34t; John Plunkett 50t; Larry Andrews 330 (LD); Winfred Kerr 225t; Fallon Dyer and Daniel Williams 376; Samuel Williams 163t.

After announcements, Daniel Williams led 176t as the closing song. John Plunkett offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Daniel Williams; Vice Chairman—Samuel Williams; Secretary—David Smead