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All Wisconsin Shape Note Singing

Evangelical Lutheran Church, Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

Saturday, November 9, 2019

The annual Wisconsin Singing (formerly Southern Wisconsin Singing) was called to order by Carol Crawford leading 52t. Pastor John Twiton offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Carl Houtman 171; Jan Ketelle 151; Peter Bradley 556; Paul Wyatt 157; Barb Patterson 27; Nancy Parsons 112; Myles Alexander 548; Robert Koepcke 63; Ted Mercer 419; Ben Bedroske 300; Stacey Berkheimer 270; Julie Thompson 268; Denise Kania 36b; Shana Wenger 72b; Ben Crawford 501; Francis Gurtz 128; Daniel Braithwaite 125; Steven Levine 350; Rochelle Lodder 313t.


Jim Pfau reconvened the class leading 32t. Leaders: Bill Waddington 99; Hans Guttmann 503; James Page “Plainfield New” (written by James Page); Lisa Grayson 383; Carol Crawford 312b; Eleanor Haase 522; Micah Sommersmith “Woolman” (written by Micah Sommersmith); Jacob Kiakahi 441; Dick Patterson 53. Pastor John offered grace before the meal.


The afternoon session was called to order by Hannah Lutz leading 479. Leaders: Jim Crawford 91; Paul Landskroener 66; John Seaton 147t; Carol Buche 464; Steve Luttinen 500; Lori Graber 327; Karen Swenson 183; Carol Crawford 461; Midge Olsen 454; Jim Pfau 474.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Myles Alexander and Jan Ketelle. Jan led 107 for the following sick and shut-ins: Melanie Hauff, Judy Hauff, Steve Richards, Gary Pries, David Hoffelt, and Jack Vimmerstedt.

Myles reflected that once we are a part of the hollow-square we are forever a part of the community of singers. That doesn’t change with death. Myles led 163b in memory of the following deceased: Aubrey Barfield—Florida; Charles Wyatt—Alabama; Mary Vimmerstedt—Colorado; Charlene Wallace—Georgia; Michael Appert, Katie Hunter, and Karen Hojnaki—Illinois; Paul Wilson and Helen Buche—Minnesota; Marlene Levine and Richard Levine—New Jersey; Ronald Berkheimer—Oregon; John Leonard, Doug Miller, Judy Saunders, and Robert Koepcke—Wisconsin. Pastor John closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Bruce Western 430; Gordon Olsen 277; Sara T. 86; AnnaLeigh Smith 76b; June Murphy 410t; John Sehley 81t; Ted Mercer 189; Julie Thompson 485; Carl Houtman and Steve Luttinen 87; Paul Wyatt 182; Nola Nielsen and Barb Patterson 344; Ben Crawford 146; Stacey Berkheimer 486; Shana Wenger and Stephanie 455; Johanna Fabke 84; Francis Gurtz 475; Steven Levine 287; Rochelle Lodder 39t; Denise Kania 456; Hans Guttmann 480; Lisa Grayson 448t; Eleanor Haase 142; Jacob Kiakahi 65; Dick Patterson 285t.


AnnaLeigh Smith called the class back together leading 40. Leaders: John Seaton 47t; Paul Landskroener 473; Carol Buche 547; Lori Graber 56t; Hannah Lutz and Bill Waddington 217.

Carol Crawford and Jim Crawford thanked the Arranging Committee (Hannah Lutz and Bill Waddington), the Memorial Committee (Myles Alexander and Jan Ketelle), everyone

from five states who brought voice and food, and the congregation at our new location. They led 347 as the closing song while those who wished took the parting hand. Pastor John offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairmen—Carol Crawford and Jim Crawford; Secretary—Jim Crawford