Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rust Memorial Singing

Fairview United Methodist Church, Bloomington, Indiana

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Singers gathered on a rainy day for what was previously the Bloomington All-Day Singing, but is now the 1st annual Rust Memorial Singing. Marlen Rust began the day with a prayer written by her late husband, David Rust. Leaders: Karen Bahler 40; Tim Gregg 1t (ShH); Curtis Cook 565; Joan Aldridge 454; Marlen Rust 290; Sarah Lynne Gershon 242 (ShH); Ray Rechenberg 277; Steve Pollitt 403 (ShH); John Hoerr 22b (ShH); Ben Fink 404t (ShH); Aaron Jones 186; Alasdair Gerson and Sarah Lynne Gershon 209; Beth Garfinkel 91; Cindy Beaulé 344; Brad Bahler 319 (ShH); Adrian Eldridge 134; Janice Harrell 264b (ShH); James Eldridge 187.


The class was welcomed back by Ray Rechenberg leading 203. Leaders: Sarah Lynne Gershon 438b (ShH); Marlen Rust 48 (ShH); Joan Aldridge 373; Curtis Cook 27 (ShH); Anthony D’Agostino 417 (ShH); Caleb Cranton 300; Tim Gregg 81t; Karen Bahler 547; Christian James 59; Maria Colvard 108 (ShH); Janice Harrell 56b; Adrian Eldridge 208; Brad Bahler 550; Elizabeth Laws 47b; Cindy Beaulé 312b; Beth Garfinkel 146 (ShH); Crystal Laws 504; Aaron Jones 388.


Ben Fink brought the class back together by leading 29t. Leaders: Aaron Laws 115; John Hoerr 81 (ShH); Steve Pollitt and Curtis Cook 432t (ShH); Shannon Tibbs 313b; Ray Rechenberg 76t (ShH); Sarah Lynne Gershon 183; Marlen Rust 567; Curtis Cook 80 (ShH); Shannon Tibbs 42. Aaron Jones led a prayer to begin the meal.


John Hoerr led 33b to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Emily Cranton and Caleb Cranton 455; Karen Bahler 128; Anthony D’Agostino 318; Caleb Cranton 442; Tim Gregg 420t (ShH); Maria Colvard 5t (ShH); Janice Harrell 215; Brad Bahler 168; Aaron Jones 178; Beth Garfinkel 140b (ShH); Delainey Bowers 448t; Ben Fink 245; Steve Pollitt 132 (ShH); Sarah Lynne Gershon 542; Shannon Tibbs 147t; Marlen Rust and John Hoerr “Rust” (by Randy Webber); Curtis Cook 38b.


Brad Bahler and Karen Bahler called everyone back to the square by leading 267. Leaders: Nancy Allerhand 146; Anthony D’Agostino 235; Caleb Cranton 335; Tim Gregg 99; Maria Colvard 117 (ShH); Janice Harrell 269; Aaron Jones 118 (ShH); Beth Garfinkel 358 (ShH); Delainey Bowers 112; Ben Fink 254 (ShH). Following announcements, Shannon Tibbs led 62 as the closing song.

Chairman—Shannon Tibbs; Treasurer—Aaron Jones; Secretary—Anthony D’Agostino