Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Clear Creek West Convention
and Mulberry River Convention

Old County Line Church, Jefferson County, Alabama

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The 132nd session of the Clear Creek West Convention and the 115th session of the Mulberry River Convention met at Old County Line Church, Corner Community, Jefferson County, Alabama, on the first Sunday in September. Danny Creel called the class to order by leading 131b. Marlin Beasley offered the opening prayer. Danny Creel led 138t.

A business meeting was held at this time. It was brought before the class to dissolve the combined meeting of these two conventions, and there was discussion. A proposal was submitted in the form of a motion, and a vote was taken. The motion passed with no opposition. In future, the Mulberry River Convention will return to meeting on Saturday before the first Sunday in September each year. The Mulberry River Convention is a moveable convention that will meet at a site no more than thirty miles from the Mulberry River as was originally set forth in the bylaws of the convention. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Danny Creel; Vice Chairman—Ken Tate; Secretary—Ann Jett. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Danny Creel 498 (in memory of Harrison Creel); Nicholas Thompson 186, 208; Ann Jett 43, 143 (in memory of Charlotte McCarn); David Jackson 225t, 82t; Linda Booth 198 (in memory of Darrell Swarens), 489 (in memory of Concetta Branson); Earl Ballinger 162, 80b; Marlin Beasley 61 (for Juanita), 119; Elene Stovall 422, 217.


The class was brought back together by Danny Creel leading 354b and 530 (for Ottis Sides and in memory of Harrison Creel). Leaders: Nancy Phillips 274b, 274t; Tom Booth 30b, 480; John O’Flynn 209, 112; Larry Ballinger 113, 99; Ken Tate 354t, 213t (in memory of Edith Tate); Loretta Whitman 77t, 129; Lucy O’Flynn 122, 84; Cindy Tanner 336, 436; Betty Baccus 166 (for Julia Poston); Ainslie Allen and Emma Calvert 388, 542; Desmond O’Flynn 47b (in memory of Marie Louise Lancombe), 276; Hannah Tate 268, 358; Louise Yeager 503, 100; Yancey Jett 440, 348b; Claire O’Flynn 49t, 361. Danny Creel asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The afternoon session began with Ken Tate leading 144. Leaders: Hubert Nall 81t, 313t; Cecil Calvert 68b, 72b; Cassie Allen 329, 368; John O’Flynn 306, 39t; Hannah Tate 124, 123t; Desmond O’Flynn 178, 496; Lucy O’Flynn 159, 117; Claire O’Flynn 425, 284; Danny Creel and Desmond O’Flynn 269. Announcements were made.

Danny Creel led 323t as the closing song. Cecil Calvert offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Danny Creel; Vice Chairman—Ken Tate; Secretary—Ann Jett