Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Albany New York Singing

Old Songs Community Arts Center, Voorheesville, New York

Saturday, June 8, 2019

The Albany New York All-Day Singing was called to order by Joanne Fuller leading 34b. The opening prayer was offered by Micah Walter. Leaders: Judy Pardee 49t; Rachel Reed 32t; Tarik Wareh 59; Patricia Geritz 73b; Nina Zanetti 40; Pattie Wareh 99; Jean Seiler 87; Mary Ann Morrison 547; Deidra Montgomery 121; Alison Forster 203; Jan May 489; Erin Fulton 488; Mary Skidmore 378b; William Schuller 101b; Sally Langendorf 176b; Dean Jens 399t; Judy Contompasis 278t; Leon Pulsinelle 343.


The class was called together by Micah Walter leading 111t. Leaders: Dennis Leipold 300; Calum Steel, Blake Steel, and Allison Steel 105; Crispin Youngberg 422; Jeremy Galvagni 421; Kerry Cullinan 161; Elissa Redman 84; Allison Steel 58; Jean Seiler 72b; Dan Coppock 111b; MB Gowins 187; Rachel Speer 480; Linda Shea 95; Jennie Brown 430; Jan May 276; William Schuller 88t; Micah Walter 445.


The class was called together by Leon Pulsinelle leading 106. Leaders: Sally Langendorf 314; Rachel Fox Von Swearingen 209; Erin Fulton 70b; Dean Jens 429; Joanne Fuller 406; Deidra Montgomery 439; Judy Contompasis 270; Pattie Wareh and Tarik Wareh 227 (for Faiz Wareh); Crispin Youngberg 352; Kerry Cullinan 207; Dennis Leipold 546; Jeremy Galvagni 196; Dan Coppock 495; Jennie Brown 460; Linda Shea 475; Rachel Speer 472; MB Gowins 189; Micah Walter 213t. Grace for the noon meal was offered by Jennie Brown.


The class was called together by Elissa Redman leading 155. Leaders: William Schuller 500; Judy Contompasis and Ellen Foster 274t; Deidra Montgomery 216; Jon Fuller 112; Allison Steel 564; MB Gowins 411; Micah Walter 56b; Erin Fulton 453; Kerry Cullinan 354t; Crispin Youngberg 302; Jennie Brown 278b; Rachel Reed, Rachel Speer, and Rachel Fox Von Swearingen 571; Leon Pulsinelle 313b; Linda Shea 318; Dan Coppock 426b; Alison Forster 268; Jan May 474.


The class was called together by Lynn Wilson and Laurel Dempsey leading 68b. Leaders: Miriam Cantor-Stone and Mary Skidmore 107; Dennis Leopold 192; Judy Pardee 157; Sally Langendorf 229; Rachel Fox Von Swearingen 294; Mary Skidmore 172; Mary Ann Morrison 178; Dean Jens 562; Jeremy Galvagni 36b; Rachel Speer 37b; Deidra Montgomery 89; Allison Steel 345b; Judy Contompasis 344; MB Gowins 325; Erin Fulton 133; Jean Seiler 168; Crispin Youngberg 34t; Leon Pulsinelle 39t; Kerry Cullinan 231; Jennie Brown 177; William Schuller 126.

The Resolutions Committee gave thanks, and resolved to gather again in June, 2020. The Treasurer reported that expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that forty-nine singers registered from seven states and Canada, and that ninety-five songs were led by thirty-eight leaders.

Joanne Fuller, Judy Pardee, Rachel Reed, and Tarik Wareh led 62 as the closing song. Micah Walter offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Joanne Fuller; Vice Chairman—Judy Pardee; Secretary—Rachel Reed