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Northeast Missouri Memorial Day Singing

Siloam Church/Old Paths Bible Church, Pike County, Missouri

Monday, May 27, 2019

The 8th annual Northeast Missouri Memorial Day Singing was called to order by Stephen Huffman leading 49b. Jim Herr offered the opening prayer. Tommy Schultz welcomed everyone.

Leaders: Anna Dohman and Jamie Dohman 59, 28b; John Huffman 528; Presley Barker 344 (for Becky and Gary); Donna Schultz 180 (MH); Dave Ressler 48t; Dan Dohman and Katie Huffman 503; Abigail Schultz 294; Shirley Figura 299; Philip Nelson 401; Barbara Chopin 86; Donnie Simmet 101b; Lou Kujawinski 313b; Marissa Nelson 63.


Rob Bahler led 324 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Wendy Hofmann 178 (in memory of Cath Barton); Jim Herr and Anna Dohman “County Down”; Paul Figura “Chester”; Mary Huffman 556; Jairus Schultz 56b; Bernardine Sommer 122; Tommy Schultz 245; Alesha Nelson and Grace Martens 147t; Penny Kujawinski 377; John Uhlemann 455; Kenny Nelson 395; Clara Herr 300; Barbara Uhlemann 36b; Katie Huffman 37b; Dave Ressler 332. Gary Huffman asked a blessing before the noon meal.


The class was called back to order by Tommy Schultz leading 127 (MH). Leaders: Jamie Dohman and Katie Huffman 171; Stephen Huffman 351; Barbara Chopin 282; Evangeline Sutton and Elizabeth Schultz 270; Presley Barker 505; Lou Kujawinski 373; Shirley Figura 501; Elisha Nelson 98; Donnie Simmet 123b; Wendy Hofmann 162 (MH); John Huffman and Katie Huffman 546; Bernardine Sommer 84; Jim Herr and grandchildren Liam, Teagan, and Connor 475, 176b; Rob Bahler 77t; Penny Kujawinski 147 (MH); Paul Figura 19 (MH); Clara Herr and Connor 335; John Uhlemann 280; Marissa Nelson 103. Tommy and Donna Schultz thanked all who contributed to the good meal.


Paul Figura led 135 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Jedidiah Schultz 448t; Anna Dohman, Jewel Nelson, and Alexis Nelson 155; Barbara Uhlemann 350; Philip Nelson 361; Mary Huffman 70 (MH); Dave Ressler 33 (MH); Joy Nelson and Kenny Nelson 154; Dan Dohman and Jamie Dohman 569b; Tommy Schultz and Charles Whitehead 497; Shirley Figura 213t; Jim Herr 13 (MH); Donnie Simmet 535; Penny Kujawinski 228; Rob Bahler 536; Clara Herr 564; Lou Kujawinski 95; Bernardine Sommer 66.


Presley Barker called the class back to order leading 276. Leaders: Dan Dohman, Anna Dohman, and Jamie Dohman 29t; Wendy Hofmann 159 (MH); Barbara Uhlemann 122 (MH); Marilyn Huffman and Stephen Huffman 34b; Barbara Chopin 277; John Uhlemann 522; Mary Huffman 31t; John Huffman and Katie Huffman 32t. Tommy Schultz led 62 as the closing song. John Huffman ended the day in prayer.

Chairman—Tommy Schultz; Secretary—Jamie Dohman