Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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John Newton Merritt Memorial Singing

Old Courthouse Museum, Vicksburg, Mississippi

May 25-26, 2019

Saturday, May 25

The 8th annual John Newton Merritt Memorial Singing was called to order by Henry McGuire leading 32t. Elder Robert Vaughn offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Henry McGuire 131 (CH); Mark Davis 36t, 281b (CH); Darlene Reynolds 484 (CB); Bentley Rose 282; Amber Davis 155, 157; Robert Vaughn and Gabe Monroe 153, 72b; Sister Susan Dickey 178, 274t; Wilma Mitchell 480; Will Gatewood and Henry McGuire 460, 45t; Sonya Kirkham 99 (CB), 269 (CB).


Leaders: Henry McGuire 196 (WB); Carole Watts 392 (CB), 361 (CB); Charlie McGuire 486t (WB), 480 (WB); Jamira Jackson 42, 455; Will McGuire 360, 142 (CH); Gwen Reiner 569b, 47t; Ben Fink 315, 520 (CB). Chris Nicholson offered prayer before the noon meal.


Leaders: Ben Fink 67; Scott Reiner 49t, 548 (WB); Regina Derstine 45b (CB), 98 (CB); Chris Nicholson 212 (CB), 95b (CB); Lisa Geist 273, 528; Robert Vaughn 486 (CB), 514 (CB); Charlie McGuire 546 (WB), 476 (WB); Sonya Kirkham 270; Will McGuire 385t (CB); Ben Fink and Henry McGuire 582 (CB); Chris Nicholson 38t (CB); Carole Watts 36b (CB); Lisa Geist 546; Amber Davis 192; Will Gatewood 65 (WB); Wilma Mitchell 39t; Jamira Jackson 198; Gwen Reiner and Chris Nicholson 47b; Darlene Reynolds, Henry McGuire, and Ben Fink 505 (CB); Sister Susan Dickey 117 (CH); Scott Reiner 81t; Regina Derstine 393 (CB); Henry McGuire 492.

Mark Davis and Henry McGuire led 62 as the closing song. Elder Robert Vaughn dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, May 26

The class was brought to order by Henry McGuire leading 138t (CB) and 140 (CB). Leaders: Mark Davis 100, 220; Nicholas Thompson 80 (CH), 93 (CH); Anne Steel 472, 65; Carole Watts 572 (CB), 573 (CB); Andy Davis 196, 434; Charlie McGuire 226t (CH), 162 (CH); Bentley Rose and Mark Davis 454, 282; Warren Steel 411, 102.


Leaders: Chris Nicholson 264t (CB); Sonya Kirkham 255 (CH), 450 (CH); Will McGuire 274t (WB), 243 (CB); Lisa Davis 99, 200; Will Gatewood 489t (WB), 163t; Darlene Reynolds 515 (CB), 145t; Ben Fink 89 (CB), 486 (CB); Lisa Geist 559 (CB), 269; Chris Nicholson 477, 216; Amber Davis 300, 224.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Ben Fink and Nicholas Thompson. Ben and Nicholas led 448b for the following sick and shut-ins: Roy Davis, Alice McGuire, Elizabeth Van Horn, Judy Mincey, Velton Chafin, Ottis Sides, Nate Green, Norma Green, Charlene Wallace, Jan Murray, Curtis Owen, and Hugh Bill McGuire, Jr.

They led 544 in memory of the following deceased: Eugene Forbes, Willodean Barton, Ronald Gilmore, and Hazel Gilmore—Alabama; Adelaide Vaughn—Texas; Concetta Branson—Oregon; Paul Wilson—Minnesota. Mark Davis closed the memorial service with prayer. Chris Nicholson offered the prayer to bless the food.


Leaders: Henry McGuire 495 (WB); Carole Watts 578 (CB); Will McGuire 275t (WB); Ben Fink 481; Charlie McGuire 573; Anne Steel 129; Sonya Kirkham 39 (CB); Andy Davis 297; Will Gatewood 478t (WB); Lisa Geist 304; Chris Nicholson 76b (CH); Mark Davis 208 (CH); Nicholas Thompson 392; Warren Steel 203 (CH); Amber Davis 391; Henry McGuire 511 (WB), 85 (CH) (for Sandra Melsheimer).

Ben Fink, Mark Davis, and Henry McGuire led “The Drone” as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Chris Nicholson.

Chairman—Henry McGuire; Vice Chairman—Mark Davis; Secretary—Darlene Reynolds