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Goodshaw Sacred Harp Singing Day

Goodshaw Baptist Church, Crawshawbooth,
Lancashire, United Kingdom

Saturday, May 18, 2019

The 9th Goodshaw Sacred Harp Singing Day was held at Goodshaw Baptist Church in the United Kingdom, on Saturday before the third Sunday in May. Chris Brown began the day by leading 34b. Harry Sidebottom welcomed singers to the church, and offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Chris Brown 31t; Richard Mayers 105; Emily Verrier 171; Hannah Land 56t; Helen Brown 422; Fred Langridge 47t; Calum Woods 76t; Karen Turner 76b; Ted Brown 68b; Jan Geerts 40; Aldo Ceresa 186; George Simms 268; Michael Walker 228; Claire Welford 270; Toby Goss 191; Phil Tyler 151; Rosalind Woods 344; Judy Whiting 43; Karen Turner 203; Chris Brown 206; Emily Verrier 113; Benny Ross 168; Helen Brown 73t; Lin James 145b; Richard Mayers 565.


Michael Walker called the class to order leading 213t. Leaders: Hannah Land 272; Calum Woods 273; Claire Welford 198; Fred Langridge 350; Phil Tyler 436; Karen Turner 56b; Aldo Ceresa 530; Judy Whiting 150; Jan Geerts 454; Toby Goss 261 (?); Ted Brown 391; George Simms 236; Rosalind Woods 269; Benny Ross 299; Lin James 445; Richard Mayers 485; Claire Welford 163t; Calum Woods 121; Helen Brown 61; Jan Geerts 385t; Phil Tyler 474. John Copperwheat gave thanks for the food and those who prepared it.


Claire Welford called the class to order leading 114. Leaders: Benny Ross 313t; Aldo Ceresa 522; Hannah Land 361; Michael Walker 292; Toby Goss 472; Emily Verrier 480; Ted Brown 179; George Simms 378t; Lin James 278t.

Fred Langridge spoke for the following sick and housebound: John Hopkinson, Louis Hughes, Curtis Owen, Olivia Powell, Kevin Powell, Charlene Wallace, Dave Richardson, Melanie Hauff, Donald Walker, Charlotte Walker, Merv Horst, David Elliot, Vernon Barnes, Phillipa Grant, Anne Matthewman, and Larry Ross.

Fred also spoke for the following deceased: Bill Steel—Bolton; Carolyn Williams—Keighley; Heather Simms and Susan Carr—Leeds; James B. Walker—Ohio, USA; Darrell Swarens—Indiana, USA; Eugene Forbes and Barbara Ann Hulgan Isbell—Alabama, USA; Lyra McKee—Derry; Mary Ellen Schrock and Michael Kaye—New York, USA; Elizabeth Rechenberg—Ohio, USA; Michael Appert—Illinois, USA; Ben Thompson and Elspeth Murray—Paisley; John Hayto—Leicester; Clint Andrews, Ray Sackely, and Pat Sackely—Nottingham; and Helen Albans—York. For them all, Fred led 330b.

Leaders: Richard Mayers 457; Judy Whiting 492; Rosalind Woods 319; Chris Brown 392; Helen Brown 430; Jan Geerts 528; Phil Tyler 419; Toby Goss 547; Michael Walker 456.


Calum Woods called the class to order by leading 64. Leaders: Mike Upton and Emily Verrier 89; Benny Ross 195; Karen Turner 189; Hannah Land 298; Ted Brown 303; Rosalind Woods 66; Aldo Ceresa 418; Lin James 82t; George Simms 503; Fred Langridge 33b. Chris Brown and Judy Whiting led 323t as the closing song. Richard Mayers offered the closing prayer. The class was dismissed, and invited to reconvene at 3.30 p.m. in and around the singers pew in the oldest Baptist Chapel in the UK.


At the chapel, built in 1760 the leaders were: Chris Brown 205; Michael Walker 354t; Hannah Land 569b; Kate Halls 38b; Toby Goss 216; Jo Kay 396; Rosalind Woods 143; Richard Mayers 455; Jan Geerts 296; Aldo Ceresa “Goodshaw” and “Fawcett”; Mike Upton 448b; Karen Turner 448t; Jo Kay 183; Connie Hartley 178. Chris Brown led 347 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Chris Brown; Secretary—Trish Bater