Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rhode Island Sacred Harp Singing

Providence Friends Meeting, Providence, Rhode Island

Saturday, April 21, 2019

Local singers welcomed guests to the 16th annual Rhode Island All-Day Sacred Harp Singing held in Providence, Rhode Island. Maura Burns and Eric Beecher called the class to order leading 59. Liz Cantrell offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Lynne deBenedette 36b; Vale Cofer-Shabica 42; Erik-Dardan Ymeraga 32b; Molly B. Ellis 58; Ross Parker 81t; Elizabeth Cantrell 313b; Christopher Kain 471; Margaret Hughes 71; Bill Dunn 84; Yael Tarshish 171; John Hughes 83b; William Schuller 429; Liz Patton 511; Sam Mayo 535; Liz Oakley 285t; Rachel Stevens 384; Jeremy Galvagni 313t; Will Harron 117; Bob Elliott 335; Suzanne McFate 472; Leah Velleman 122.


M.B. Gowins called the class back together leading 145t. Leaders: Chris Geissler 299; Scott Harriman 480; Joanne Fuller 352; Judy Contompasis 290; Wendy Sibbison 546; Jesse Flynn 362; Vale Cofer-Shabica 318; Bill Holt 376; Robert Stoddard 377; Mike Richards 545; Erin Fulton 160b; Ruby Francis and Devereau Fuller 300; Mary Skidmore 114; Dan Coppock 536; Gwen Gethner 189; Kerry Cullinan 449; Michael Nord 309; Jennie Brown 402; Chris Noren 369; Jesse Vear 558; Bob Parr 528; Brian Harris 383.


Vale Cofer-Shabica began the afternoon session by leading 72b. Leaders: Ian Quinn 87; Chris Holley 348b; Deidra Montgomery 464; Allison Steel 542; Michael Walker 447; Nora Miller 291; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 168; Rachel Hall 292; Angharad Davis 456; Joshua Barnett 230; Elizabeth Stoddard 399b; Linda Shea 433; Molly Merrett 35; Charles Biada 336; Pippa Stoddard 560; John Klaes 422; MB Gowins 434; Sue Peters 104; Kelly House 270; Grace Holleran 148; James Baumgartner 271t.


Charles Biada led 29t to bring the class back together. Leaders: Jason Woofenden 350; Rebecca Maxfield 385b; Joan Frankel 66; Josef Platzer and Vale Cofer-Shabica 34b; Carson Evans 162; Adele Anderson 287; Mary Skidmore 419; Robert Stoddard 132; Michael Walker 131b; Deidra Montgomery 197; Angharad Davis 123b; Nora Miller 539; Chris Geissler 315; Bridgett Hill Kennedy 440; Jennie Brown 278b; Judy Contompasis 371; Rachel Hall 378b; Wendy Sibbison 316; Erin Fulton 139; Chris Holley 142; Laura Hodges 82t.

Maura Burns and Eric Beecher thanked the class for their singing and hard work, and the officers and volunteers for their efforts. Treasurer Vale Cofer-Shabica reported that all expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that a total of ninety-seven were in attendance, and sixty-eight leaders led eighty-nine songs. Announcements were made. Maura Burns, Eric Beecher, and the other officers led 62 as the closing song. Liz Cantrell offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Maura Burns and Eric Beecher; Vice Chairman—John Hughes; Secretary—Lynne deBenedette