Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Dallas County Singing

Cochran Chapel United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas

Saturday, November 10, 2018

The annual Dallas County Sacred Harp Singing was held at the Cochran Chapel United Methodist Church on Saturday before the second Sunday in November. The class was called to order by Michael McBride leading 49t. Bruce Coates offered the opening prayer.

The officers were Chairman—Michael McBride; Vice Chairman—Donald Ross; Secretary—Diane Ross; Arranging Committee—Sonny Erwin.

Leaders: Donald Ross 284; Sonny Erwin 441; Diane Ross 480; Kristie Powell 500; Jerry Ryan 490; Ron Bernucho 457; Rick Foreman 527; Tammy Powell 163b; Mike Hinton 99; Janie Short 168; Leland Ross 277; Cheryl Foreman 492; Gaylon Powell 312b; Beverly Coates 473; Owen Ross 546; Lisa Matt 290; Bruce Coates 150; Ellen Ray 32t; Scott Curran 299.


Donald Ross called the class back together by leading 81t. Leaders: Ellee Curran 146; Michele Curran 354b; Hoss Curran 421; Barbara Smith 147t; Chris Nicholson 34b; Sarah Huckaby 428; Sonny Erwin 472; Ron Bernucho 268; Tammy Powell 318; Scott Curran 475; Beverly Coates 313b; Owen Ross 532; Lisa Matt 148; Bruce Coates 503; Diane Ross 40; Ellen Ray 111b; Ray Quigley 82t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Donald Ross and Reverend Owen Ross. Donald Ross read the following names of the sick and shut-ins: Doug Webb, Chloe Webb, Curtis Owen, Myrl Jones, Azalea Barnett, and Charlene Wallace. He led 179 for them. Reverend Owen Ross read the following list of names of the deceased: Amy Dennison and Peter Nichols—Texas. He offered a devotional and led 278b. The memorial lesson was closed by prayer offered by Reverend Ross.

Leaders: Chris Nicholson 72b; Sarah Huckaby 73t; Janie Short 183; Jerry Ryan 145t; Kristie Powell 455; Mike Hinton 270.


Michael McBride called the class back together by leading 178. Leaders: Donald Ross 225t; Sonny Erwin and Tammy Powell 454; Abigail Blevins 445; Michele Curran 269; Avon Miller 254; Beverly Coates 499; Ray Quigley 84; Ellen Ray 456; Chris Nicholson 212; Lisa Matt 61; Owen Ross 442; Sarah Huckaby 326; Ron Bernucho 535; Janie Short 373; Bruce Coates 515; Tammy Powell 542; Rick Foreman 448t; Kristie Powell 77t. Announcements were made.

Leaders: Scott Curran 440; Cheryl Foreman 498; Gaylon Powell 298; Barbara Smith 550; Avon Miller 260; Abigail Blevins 566; Mike Hinton 400; Jerry Ryan 30b; Martha Quigley 63; Ron Bernucho 162; Ray Quigley 112; Donna McKay 86; Emmeline Blevins 117; Diane Ross 354t; Kate Agnew 384; Barbara Smith 551; Abigail Blevins 125.

Michael McBride, Donald Ross, Sonny Erwin, and Diane Ross led 347 as the closing song. Rick Foreman offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Michael McBride; Vice Chairman—Donald Ross; Secretary—Diane Ross