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Alaska Sacred Harp Convention

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Fairbanks, Alaska

October 26-27, 2018

Friday, October 26

The 11th annual Alaska Sacred Harp Singing Convention was held on Friday and Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October. Campbell Longworth introduced David Ivey, of Huntsville, Alabama, as the singing school teacher. Cornelia Stanton offered the opening prayer. David began the singing school with an overview of the Rudiments from the 1991 edition of the Sacred Harp, concentrating on scales, modes of time, importance of accent, preparing to lead, and the different singer sections and the range of exploration between sections.


Campbell Longworth called the class to order leading 40. David Ivey led 69b, and continued the singing school by introducing the upcoming revision project of the Sacred Harp, including the history of past revisions. David led 45b, 271b, 92, 93, 88b, and 285b, which are some examples of less frequently led songs. Campbell Longworth led 347 as the closing song. A prayer was offered by Cornelia Stanton to close the singing school.

Saturday, October 27

The Saturday session was called to order by Campbell Longworth leading 82t. William Walters offered the opening prayer. A business meeting was convened, and all were welcomed. Campbell announced this year’s convention was dedicated to the memory of Steve Helwig, a longtime, generous supporter of Alaskan Sacred Harp singings, and friend to many. Business meeting was suspended.

Leaders: Kari Lundgren 171; Bob Hume 472, 62; Charley Basham 38t, 49t; Campbell Longworth 47b, 82b; Sarah Beaber-Fujioka 157, 474; Joe Linden 126, 122; Sylvia Friske 146, 99; Betsy Jeronen 436, 440; Keri Petersen and Charley Basham 282.


Marie Brandis called the class back to order leading 29t. Leaders: Karen Willard 467, 465; Kristina Lowenstein 178; Kate Fortin 42, 372; David Kreiss-Tomkins 385b, 81t; Maria D’Agnostino 268, 155; Darlene Dalton and Siri Tuttle 33b, 309; Cornelia Stanton 87, 318; Karen Ivey 129, 567; Erik Schwab 267, 102; Kate Coxon 176b, 227.


Kate Fine called the class back to order leading 32t. Leaders: Marie Brandis 411, 212; Kathy Williams 186, 276; Dorothy Robinson 106, 203; David Ivey 125, 458; Kate Fine 111b, 278t.

David Kreiss-Tomkins conducted the memorial lesson and led 313b for the following sick and shut-ins: Adrian Eldridge, Elaine Zidek, Concetta Branson, Charlotte Heard, Don Bowen, Dustin Saksek, and Darlene Simpson Brown. David spoke of the deceased and led 323t for the following: Rodney Willard and Barbara Willard—Arizona; Steve Helwig—Oregon; William E. Davis—Alaska; Louise Holland—Georgia; Darrell Swarens—Indiana; Daphene Causey and Anita Carrol Jones—Alabama. William Walters closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.

Leaders: Kari Lundgren 236 (in memory of William E. Davis); Karen Ivey and David Ivey 187; Erik Schwab 182. William Walters blessed the noon meal.


Kari Lundgren called the class back to order leading 448b. Leaders: Kate Fortin 159; Campbell Longworth and Dean Shannon “Mighty Father” (an original composition); Karen Pyne and Darlene Dalton 40; DeAnn Moore and Campbell Longworth 347; Cornelia Stanton 480; David Ivey 343; Kate Fine 532; Karen Willard 81b, 200; Betsy Jeronen 564, 494; Kathy Williams 273 (in memory of her mother), 208; Marie Brandis 352, 448t; Karen Ivey 108t, 217; Joe Linden 84, 30t; Dorothy Robinson 180, 377; Sarah Beaber-Fujioka 31t; Dean Shannon 198.


Campbell Longworth called the class back to order leading 354b. Leaders: Bob Hume 38b, 65; Erik Schwab 378t, 228; Kari Lundgren 209 (for Juneau SH singers); Sylvia Friske 45t; Kate Coxon 163t, 416; Charley Basham 86, 479 (for Lynn Basham); David Kreiss-Tomkins 353, 410t.

Campbell Longworth reconvened the business meeting and reports were given. The Treasurer reported that all needs were generously met. There were fifty attendees, thirty-five leaders, six states represented and ninety songs sung. The Resolutions Committee thanked all who made this event safe, seamless, and satisfying, and resolved that the Alaska Sacred Harp Convention will be held one year from now. The business meeting was closed.

Campbell Longworth led 36b. The closing prayer was offered by William Walters.

Chairman—Campbell Longworth; Secretaries—Bob Hume and Dean Shannon