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Brothertown Indian Nation and Twin Cities Shape Note Community Singing From Indian Melodies

All Nations Indian Church, White Earth Nation,
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Brothertown Indian Nation and Twin Cities Shape Note Community All-Day Singing from Indian Melodies was called to order by Seth Wenger leading 448b. All songs with the notation “IM” were sung from A Selection of Plain Tunes, Set Pieces, and Anthems from Indian Melodies by Thomas Commuck. The first number denotes the Selections page number and the second number denotes the page in the original 1845 Indian Melodies. A short singing school was taught by Alec Jenkins-White, who led 45t and =39 (t? b?)/79 (IM). Skip Blanc and Jessica Ryan led a smudging and collective prayer.


Steven T. Schmidgall called the class back to order by leading =24 (t? b?)/81 (IM). Leaders: Kit Canright =31b/48b (IM); Dick Patterson 17/86 (IM); Megan Holm 18/26t (IM); Francis Gurtz =36 (t? b?)/27 (IM); Katera Frost Historical Lesson: “Parent Tribes”; Jacob Kiakahi (handout, his arrangement of Commuck’s “Osceola”); Cathy Lutz and Nicole Lemmerhirt 22/70 (IM); Jessica Ryan Historical Lesson: “The Formation of Brothertown”; Stacey Berkheimer and Skip Blanc 11/90 (IM); Joel Menk, Julia Hobart, and Emilie Bouvier 8t/50b (IM); Tivey and Rob Ryan (for baby Louise) 23/40 (IM); Paul Wyatt =33t/9t (IM); Cathy Jordan 8b/49t (IM); Liesl Spitz introduced and read a letter of request to the Denson, Cooper, and Christian Harmony tunebook committees that “Lone Pilgrim” be properly attributed to Thomas Commuck; AnnaLeigh Smith =30 (t? b?)/104 (IM).


John Wiens called the class back together by leading 12/7 (IM). Leaders: Erik McDonald =38 (t? b?)/69 (IM); Kit Canright (handout) “Sioux” (IM); Liesl Spitz and Chela Arias-Ryan =25/51t (IM); James Page 61 (ShH); Alec Jenkins-White 9/12 (IM); Jessica Ryan Historical Lesson: “The Move to Wisconsin and Minnesota”; Steve Luttinen, Cruz Lemmerhirt, Rhett Lemmerhirt, Reese Lemmerhirt, Amelia Ryan, and Forrest Ryan =28 (t? b?)/63 (IM); Nathan Berry, Josh Danderand, and Chantelle Anderson =32 (t? b?)/50t (IM); Mara McPartland 7/48t (IM); Barb Patterson =40/105 (IM); Kat Kohorst =33b/65b (IM). Liesl Spitz led a collective grace before dinner on the grounds.


Claudia Egelhoff began the afternoon session by leading 274t. Leaders: AnnaLeigh Smith =44/113 (IM); Cathy Lutz 276; Christine Stevens 277; Cathy Jordan 481; Joel Setterholm 159; Nathan Berry, Jacob Kiakahi, Joel Menk, and AnnaLeigh Smith =26/88 (IM); Alec Jenkins-White 86; Joel Menk 374; Steve Luttinen 375; Stacey Berkheimer and Carol Buche 45t; Kat Kohorst 16/31 (IM); Francis Gurtz 186.


The class was called back together by Eleanor Haase leading 148. Leaders: Kevin Bullock 10/83 (IM); Christine Stevens 187; John Wiens 376. The Brothertown Indian Nation brought gifts for a giveaway and shared an honor song that was sung by all present. Drummers: Skip Blanc, Rob Ryan, Bill Lemmerhirt, Cruz Lemmerhirt, Rhett Lemmerhirt, Forrest Ryan, Seth Wenger, and Jacob Kiakahi. Together, all present sang 15/32 (IM), accompanied by the drum.

Co-chairmen—Jessica Ryan, Liesl Spitz, and Jacob Kiakahi; Secretaries—Shana Wenger and Tivey