Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Northeast Missouri Memorial Day Singing

Siloam Church/Old Paths Bible Church, Pike County, Missouri

Monday, May 28, 2018

The 7th annual session of the Northeast Missouri Memorial Day Singing was called to order by Presley Barker leading 276. Jim Herr offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Tommy Schultz 168; Katie Huffman 171; Barbara Barker 474; Clara Herr and granddaughter, Tegan 163t; Wendy Hofmann 39t; Presley Barker 313t; Mary Huffman 490; Jenny Dohman 546; Jenny Whitman 455; Jim Herr and grandson, Connor 475, 176t; Stephen Huffman 155; Dave Ressler 122; Tommy Schultz 89; Mort Whitman 410b.


The class was brought back together by John Uhlemann leading 411. Leaders: Alvaro Witt Duarte 528; Anna Dohman 29t; Theophilus Schultz 313b; John Huffman and Katie Huffman 99; Phillip Nelson 401; Dan Dohman 452; Donna Schultz and Abigail Schultz 178; Katie Huffman 40; Barbara Barker 86; Barbara Uhlemann 28b; Clara Herr 274t; Wendy Hofmann 278t; Presley Barker 362; Mary Huffman 365. Gary Huffman gave thanks for the noon meal, and Tommy Schultz led 164 (MH).


Dave Ressler led 217 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Jenny Whitman 180 (MH); Ellen (no last name given) 47b; Jenny Dohman 441; Jim Herr and Anna Dohman “Grove City” (a composition by Anna Dohman); Stephen Huffman 205; Dave Ressler 216; Mort Whitman 63; Alvaro Witt Duarte 384; John Uhlemann 68b; Tommy Schultz 127 (MH); Anna Dohman and the Cochran girls 146; John Huffman and the Cochran boys 49t; Dan Dohman 569b; Jairus Schultz and Caleb Ralph 59; Phillip Nelson and Royal Nelson 129.


The class was brought together by Barbara Uhlemann leading 350. Leaders: Katie Huffman 147t; Barbara Barker 496; Clara Herr 564; Presley Barker 472; Mary Huffman 48t; Jenny Whitman 535; Jenny Dohman 228; Jim Herr and Jane Zheng 551; Stephen Huffman 283; Dave Ressler 565; John Uhlemann 163b; Marilyn Huffman 143; Anna Dohman and DeAnna Dohman 515; Dan Dohman and Katie Huffman 61. The dismissal prayer was offered by Dan Dohman.

Chairman—Presley Barker; Secretary—Jairus Schultz