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Potomac River Singing Convention

Great Falls Grange, Great Falls, Virginia

April 7-8, 2018

Saturday, April 7

The 29th annual Potomac River Shape Note Singing Convention was called to order by Brenda Dunlap leading 171. John Plunkett offered the morning prayer.

The class went into a business meeting and the following officers were elected or appointed: Chairman—Matt Roberts; Vice Chairman—Corinne Ducey; Secretaries—Mary Helen Dupree, Katie Keller, Topher Lawton, and Sharon Strong; Treasurer—Kathy Manning; Arranging Committee—Kelly Macklin, Graham DeZarn, Ben Hartland, Jim Glaser, and John Daniel delRe.

All song selections on Saturday were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. Leaders: Matt Roberts 74b; Corinne Ducey 47t; Kathy Manning 193; Kelly Macklin 77b; Evan Duncan 47b; Molly Hickman 163t; Tom Ivey 447; Mary DeNys 285t; Jim Glaser 358; Sharon Strong 184; John delRe 230; Julia Seidenstein 335; Topher Lawton 192; Leyland delRe 69t; Tim Slattery 344; Mary Ann Daly 312b; Ben Hartland 48b; Susan Green 415; John Davis 38t; Graham DeZarn 399t.


The class was called back to order by Adrienne Robertson leading 551. Leaders: Thomas Smith 200; Liz Meitzler 179; Alexa Silverman 274t; Nora Miller 379; Richard Green 29t; Alan Cohen 528; Joel Miller 288; Kathy Carluzzo 410b; Les Updike 515; Mary Helen Dupree 287; Emily Altman 284; Miriam Delirium 448t; Lucas Husted 227; Rachel Speer 411; Guy Bankes 534; Adrienne Robertson 455; Joni Seidenstein 506; Katie Kellert 146; Adrian Mariano 500; Dean Jens 421. Brenda Dunlap offered the noon blessing.


Topher Lawton called the class to order leading 122. Leaders: John Daniel delRe 160b; Rachel Hall 118; Hillary Miller 72b; Joshua Barnett 324; Yosef Trachtenberg 148; Lydia Lewallen 302; Jesse Polhemus 189; Megan Holm 217; Cherilyn Neilson 319; Dann Pell 67; Jim Strube 236; Anders Fahey 186; John Plunkett 348t; Chris Wolf 168; Kyle Johnston 162; Ina Shea 331; Robin Bisson 102; Owen Kelley 106; Susan Green 272; Rachel Speer 495; Joel Miller 300; Kathy Carluzzo 277; Ben Hartland 71; Merry Bruns and Rachel Speer 229; Guy Bankes 543.


The class was called back to order by Alexa Silverman leading 34b. Leaders: Les Updike and Leyland delRe 373; Dean Jens 349; Corinne Ducey 224; Emily Altman 328; Lucas Husted 445; Dann Pell 285b; Nora Miller 527; Chris Wolf and Megan Holm 129; Miriam Delirium 440; Kelly Macklin 542; Kathy Manning 304; Cherilyn Neilson and Martha Burns 410t; Sharon Strong 512; Lydia Lewallen and Rachel Hall 390; Julia Seidenstein 101b; Brenda Dunlap, Kelly Macklin, and Xanthi Carras 100; Katie Kellert 547; Molly Hickman 56b; Robin Bisson 497; Yosef Trachtenberg 178; Joshua Barnett 276; John Plunkett 45b; Mary Helen Dupree 314. Matt Roberts led 69t as the closing song. Brenda Dunlap offered the closing prayer.

Sunday, April 8

The Sunday session of the Potomac River Convention was called to order by Matt Roberts leading 147 (ShH). Brenda Dunlap offered the morning prayer.

All song selections on Sunday were from The Shenandoah Harmony. Leaders: Corinne Ducey 1b (ShH); Tom Ivey 78 (ShH); Mary Ann Daly 60t (ShH); Dean Jens 236t (ShH); Kathy Manning 266 (ShH); John delRe 452 (ShH); Mary DeNys 260b (ShH); Topher Lawton 65t (ShH); Sharon Strong 191 (ShH); Ben Hartland 432t (ShH); Kelly Macklin 167 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 198 (ShH); Alexa Silverman 242 (ShH); Steven Sabol 251 (ShH); Becky Wright 248b (ShH); Tim Slattery 87 (ShH); Erin Kelly 170 (ShH); Jim Glaser 260t (ShH); Brenda Dunlap 384 (ShH); Richard Green 140b (ShH); Julia Seidenstein 264t (ShH).


The class was called back to order by Joshua Barnett leading 16 (ShH). Leaders: Susan Green 338 (ShH); Adrian Mariano 402 (ShH); Megan Holm 306 (ShH); Daniel Hunter 307 (ShH); Krista Guerrieri 48 (ShH); Jonathan Een Newton 108 (ShH); Cherilyn Neilson 176 (ShH); John Plunkett 142 (ShH); Bethany Towne 36 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 69 (ShH).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Leyland delRe and Ben Hartland. Leyland delRe led 22t (ShH) for the following sick and shut-ins: Mary Bess Whidden, Louise Lane, Michael Kaye, Alana Hunnicutt, Laura S, Deborah Kilmer, Sue Mingus, Ester Wildey, Jennifer Kilmer, Jason Kilmer, and Merv Horst.

Ben Hartland led 43t (ShH) to remember the following deceased: Winter Acorn, Nancy Graham, Hugh McGraw, Roberta Sanchez, Robert Murphy, Wayne Jens, Sonya Rae Manning, R.F. Lane, Jr., Rob Lane, Zahara Hecksher, Helen Vano, Rev. Gerry Creedon, Pat Troy, Steve Helwig, Deanna Watanabe, Charles Bennett, Twyla Arnett, Elaine Fields, Darrell Swarens, Rhoda Ann Wildey, Edith Owen, Toby Strout, Charles Wells, Christa Leigh Steele-Kundslien, and the Parkland students and other victims of gun violence.

Leaders: Ina Shea 3b (ShH); Jesse Polhemus 130 (ShH); Rachel Hall 256 (ShH); Lucas Husted 235 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 268 (ShH); Robin Bisson 12b (ShH); Mary Helen Dupree 171 (ShH). Zoe Plaugher offered a blessing before the meal.


The class was called back to order by Thomas Ivey leading 31 (ShH). Leaders: Josh Barnett 241t (ShH); Abigail Beavin 333 (ShH); Nora Miller 149 (ShH); Chris Wolf 70t (ShH); Dann Pell 246t (ShH); Yosef Trachtenberg 46 (ShH); Rachel Speer 186 (ShH); Les Updike 124 (ShH); Miriam Delirium 243 (ShH); Joel Miller 363 (ShH); Jim Strube 431 (ShH); Leyland delRe 298b (ShH); Joni Seidenstein 285 (ShH); David Giusti 129t (ShH); Ulrike Brauneis 192 (ShH); Liz Meitzler 181 (ShH); Becky Wright 193 (ShH); Peter Pate 434t (ShH); Robin Bisson 43b (ShH); Dean Jens 398 (ShH); Ina Shea 197 (ShH); Jesse Polhemus 14 (ShH); Rachel Hall 39 (ShH); Lucas Husted 184 (ShH); Bethany Towne 276t (ShH).


The class was called back to order by Corinne Ducey leading 373 (ShH). Leaders: Graham DeZarn and Cherilyn Neilson 15 (ShH); Kyle Johnston 416 (ShH); Christa Guerrieri 264b (ShH); John Plunkett 221 (ShH); Yosef Trachtenberg 310 (ShH); Lydia Lewallen 218t (ShH); Daniel Hunter 66 (ShH); Megan Holm 397 (ShH); Chris Wolf 113 (ShH); Dann Pell 404t (ShH); Erin Kelly 2 (ShH); Joel Miller 114 (ShH); Abigail Beavin 9b (ShH); Mary Helen Dupree and Eleanor Hancock 120t (ShH); Adrian Mariano and Thomas Ivey 254 (ShH); Liz Meitzler 305 (ShH); Martha Burns 288t (ShH); David Giusti and Julia Seidenstein 320 (ShH); Kelly Macklin and John delRe 24b (ShH). Matt Roberts led 309 (ShH) as the closing song. John Plunkett offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Matt Roberts; Vice Chairman—Corinne Ducey; Secretaries—Mary Helen Dupree, Katie Keller, Topher Lawton, and Sharon Strong