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Chicago Anniversary Singing

Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, January 14, 2018

The Chicago Anniversary Singing was held at Kilbourn Park Fieldhouse, Chicago, Illinois, on the second Sunday in January. The class was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by John Bealle leading 108t. This singing uses the Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition.

Leaders: Erica Detemmerman 59; Mary Rogel 523; Jim Helke 507 (in memory of Darrell Swarens); Jim Swanson 216; Susan Geil 474.

A business session was held to elect the following officers: Chairman—Jim Bealle; Vice Chairpersons—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Secretary—Erica Detemmerman; Arranging Committee—Eloise Clark and Eileen Ferguson; Finance—Randy Neufeld; Chaplain—Melanie Jansen; Resolutions—John Bealle.

Leaders: Eileen Ferguson 84; Steve Warner 171; Anne Heider 468; Kenan Serenbetz 332; Ann Miczulski 361; Paul Landskroener 32t; Wendy Wahn 475; Doug Stapleton 217; Lori Graber 39b; Judy Hauff 224; Eloise Clark 73b; Randy Neufeld 102; Jim Pfau 228; Ryan Wheeler 229; Marian Mitchell 42.


Anne Heider brought the class back together leading 36b. Leaders: John Seaton 47t; Lisa Grayson 360; Linda Heemskerk 324; Megan Kara Dunning 31t; Corinne Ducey 30t; Ted Mercer 210; Martha Beverly 198 (in memory of Darrell Swarens); Matthew Seifert 29t; Bill Waddington 430; Cecilia Kramer and Judy Hauff 163t (in memory of Ann Sleeva); Marcia Johnson 440; Dave Barford 538; Denise Kania 272; Aldo Ceresa 402; Michael Mosley 372; Anna Pfau 532.


John Seaton brought the class back together leading 40. Ginny Landgraf 458; Ted Johnson “Hark From the Tombs”; Mark Dawson 299; Beverly Enright 501.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Marcia Johnson and Lisa Grayson. They led 340 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Melanie Hauff, Michael Appert, Carol Ruth Kimmel, Tim Wurpts, Christine Stevens, Paul Wilson, Ben Crawford, Debbie Barford, Mike Spillane, and Karen Rollins.

Marcia Johnson led 47b in memory of the following deceased: Darrell Swarens, Berkley Moore, Donna Cheifer, Julie Vea, Collette Miller, Edna Vickers, Les Sontag, Gravis Ballinger, Hugh McGraw, Charles Wells, Eloise Wootten, Edith Owen, Caleb Allred, Johnnie Chafin, Johnny Lee, Dolorese Lee, Sandie Inbody, Ms. Lewis, Carl Veber, Peter Veber, Eileen O’Sullivan, Jamie Hackey, Rabbi Jeluda Borher, Daphne Causey, Jane Goforth, Zara Spence Ellison, Lenore Wolebarsht, Susanna Lloyd, Noah Delgado, Lila Neufeld, Michael Bush, Darrell Fasching, Nancy Graham, and Judy Hoster. Melanie Jansen asked a blessing at the end of the memorial lesson.

Leaders: Mary Rogel 178 (in honor of Carol Ruth Kimmel); Mollie Whedbee 48t; Jim Helke 445 (in honor of Melanie Hauff). Susan Geil offered a blessing before the noon meal.


Steve Warner brought the class back together leading 34b. Leaders: Rochelle Lodder 49t; Dan Nickel 268; Molly Hildman 106; Ted Mercer 340; Paul Landskroener 99; Judy Hauff 218; Martha Beverly 383; Wendy Wahn 269; Jacob Lee 384; Doug Stapleton 485; Marian Mitchell 454; Jim Pfau 411; Randy Neufeld 496; Lisa Grayson 528; Corinne Ducey 111t; Lori Graber 497; Ann Miczulski 270; Linda Heemskerk 481; Ryan Wheeler 448t; Daniel Braithwaite 311; Jim Swanson 197.


Jim Swanson brought the class back together leading 111b. Leaders: Dave Barford 196; Cecilia Kramer 569b; Aldo Ceresa 522; Ted Johnson 368; Mark Dawson 236; Anna Pfau 456; Beverly Enright 543; Matthew Seifert 318; Denise Kania 500; Ginny Landgraf 419; Mollie Whedbee 183; Michael Mosley 227; Susan Geil 369; Erica Detemmerman 480; Eileen Ferguson 112. Ted Mercer, Marcia Johnson, Judy Hauff, Kris Richardson, Ted Johnson, and Wendy Wahn led 457 as the Founder’s Lesson.

John Bealle thanked each of the organizers and all of the singers in attendance. Announcements were made. Randy Neufeld, speaking on the behalf of the Finance committee, reported that expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that eighty-one songs were led by forty-seven leaders from six states.

John Bealle, Anne Heider and Steve Warner led 347 as the closing song, while those who wished took the parting hand. Jim Pfau offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—John Bealle; Vice Chairpersons—Anne Heider and Steve Warner; Secretary—Erica Detemmerman