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Houston Sacred Harp Singing

Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas

Saturday, December 2, 2017

The 14th annual session of the Houston Sacred Harp Singing was held at Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas, on Saturday before the first Sunday in December. Donna Bing called the class to order at 10:00 a.m. by leading 84, and then offered the opening prayer. Song selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, and The Sacred Harp, 2012 Cooper Edition.

Leaders: Linda Siemers 159; Fred Todt 299; Seth Pedersen 505 (CB); Beverly Coates 504t (CB); Kristie Powell 210 (CB); Jackson Fleder 38t (CB); Abby Huckaby 99 (CB); Cecelia Hall 239 (CB); Alex Forsyth 450 (CB); Bruce Coates 133 (CB); Phillip Pardue 274t; Silas Huckaby 416b (CB); Becca Pedersen 436; Ron Bernucho 571 (CB).


Donna Bing called the class back to order leading 63. She appointed Gaylon and Kristie Powell to serve as the memorial committee. Leaders: Kris Wiggins 522; Howard O’Maley 178; Michael Cheng 47b; Beverly Coates 591 (CB) (by request from Julie White); Sarah Huckaby 163t (CB); Priscilla Wiggins 416t (CB); Charles Whitmer 218 (CB); Gaylon Powell 223 (CB); Jeff Laub 339; Fred Todt 217; Seth Pedersen 81 (CB); Beverly Coates 439 (CB); Kristie Powell 489 (CB); Jackson Fleder 98 (CB); Gaylon Powell 245 (CB) (by request from Zachary Bealmear). A prayer of thanksgiving was offered by Linda Siemers.


Donna Bing called the class back to order leading 452. Leaders: Alex Forsyth 464 (CB); Bruce Coates 507b (CB); Silas Huckaby 460; Becca Pedersen 142; Ron Bernucho 518 (CB); Kris Wiggins 198; Crystal Meadows 273; Howard O’Maley 147t.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Kristie Powell read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Suzan Bernucho, Curtis Owen, Myrl Jones, Azalea Barnett, Dorothy Price, and Amy Denison. She led 129 for them.

Gaylon Powell read the following list of names of the deceased: Edith Owen, Ron Ryan, Frank Price, Billy McClean, Julie Vea, Julia Welch, Hugh McGraw, Eloise Wootten, and Jane Goforth. He led 340 in their memory. The memorial lesson closed with prayer offered by Kris Wiggins.

Leaders: Michael Cheng 335; Sarah Huckaby 428; Priscilla Wiggins 186; Charles Whitmer 320; Gaylon Powell 225b; Fred Todt 361; Beverly Coates 461; Kristie Powell 318.


Donna Bing called the class back to order leading 146 (CB). Leaders: Jackson Fleder 511t (CB); Jeff Laub 345b; Alex Forsyth 511b (CB); Bruce Coates 503; Silas Huckaby 475; Kris Wiggins 58; Crystal Meadows and Abby Huckaby 392 (CB); Howard O’Maley 277 (CB); Sarah Huckaby 543 (CB); Priscilla Wiggins 344; Charles Whitmer 569b; Gaylon Powell 95b (CB); Jeff Laub 483; Jackson Fleder 321; Alex Forsyth 48t; Silas Huckaby 455.

Donna Bing made announcements, thanked the church for the use of the facilities, and the singers for the food that was graciously provided for lunch. The 15th annual singing will be held at Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church on Saturday before the first Sunday in December, 2018 (December 1).

Donna Bing and Kristie Powell led 547 as the closing song. Linda Siemers offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Donna Bing; Vice Chairman—Linda Siemers; Secretary—Gaylon Powell