Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Southern Wisconsin Singing

Guild Hall, Grace Episcopal Church, Madison, Wisconsin

November 8, 1997

The eleventh annual Southern Wisconsin Sacred Harp Singing was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in November, and was called to order by Johanna Fabke leading song on page 145t. Johanna Fabke led the morning prayer.

Leaders: James Page 151; Kathryn Krug 155; Ted Johnson 348b; Martha Henderson 129; Daryl Mayberry 454; Paul Foster 212; Ted Mercer 43; John Bailey 340; Jerry Enright 68t; Paul Wyatt 171; Keith Willard 297; Melanie Hauff 312b; Bob Scorgie 291; Francis Gurtz 500.

The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Julie Vea; Chaplains—Brad Hunnicutt and Johanna Fabke; Secretary—Jeff VanderWilt; Arranging Committee—Val Dunagan, Brad Hunnicutt, and Joyce Anderson; Memorial Committee—Johanna Fabke and Jerry Enright.


Julie Vea called the class to order leading song on page 31t. Leaders: Thomas Willard 274t; Brad Hunnicutt 567; D. J. Hatfield 498; Felicia Stevens 84; Anne Heider 362; Joyce Anderson 354b; Mark Miller 49b; Christine Stevens 497; Dick Dunagan 81t; Kiri Miller 267; Janet Fraembs 91; Val Dunagan 29t; Jenny Willard 99; Jim Crawford 122; Judy Hauff 332; Midge Olsen 269; Johanna Fabke 273; Eleanor Haase 384; Gene Hauptmann 34t; Denise Kania 217.

Johanna Fabke gave an unofficial treasurer’s report, thanking all in attendance for their generous gifts. After expenses are covered, offerings are designated for the homeless shelter at Grace Episcopal Church, Madison. Brad Hunnicutt led the prayer before lunch.


Julie Vea called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 192. Leaders: Jim Pfau 447; Jan Ketelle 448t; Gordon Olsen 503; Janet Borman 178; Marcia Johnson 485; Robin Fox 271t; Jeff VanderWilt 38b; Steven Levine 371; Stanley Chang 455; Lissa Blood 61; Dean Slaton 536; Tony Reeves 300; All Frank 361; Lee Steinmetz 149; Matt Wells 481; Kathy Wallace 385t; Karen Hojnacki 198.


Julie Vea brought the final session to order leading song on page 327. The memorial lesson was held with Jerry Enright leading song on page 30b for the following deceased: Sonny Frank, Gerrit van Eÿsden, Solon Chervitz, Benjamin Neyman, Don Johnson, Opal Johnston, Aunt Gogo Darato, Barrett Ashley, Bonnie Ashley, Hazel Cagle, Susan Wantland, and John Middlecamp of Madison, Wisconsin, age 13. Johanna Fabke led song on page 474 for the sick and shut-in: Ross Pavlik, Frances Giunchedi, Sara Curry, Karen Wiard, and Nick Fabke. The singing resumed and leaders called were: James Page “Heap high the farmer’s wintry hoard” (by John Greenleaf Whittier to the tune of County K, C.M.D. by James Page); Francis Gurtz 479; Carol Crawford 338; LaVerne Shelton 254; Ted Johnson 215; Paul Foster 193; Melanie Hauff 432; Midge Olsen 344; Ted Mercer 204; Jenny Willard 201; Kathryn Krug 117; John Bailey 535; Judy Hauff 375; Daryl Mayberry 475; Anne Heider 236; Collette Miller, Camilla Hansen and James Page, “for old time’s sake,” 162; Martha Henderson 34b; Gene Hauptmann 421; Denise Kania 128; Jerry Enright 411; Janet Fraembs 335; Keith Willard 74b; Dean Slaton 270; Jan Ketelle 556.

Chairman Julie Vea thanked the people who made the food, the arranging committee, and greeters. She acknowledged travelers from Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and Minnesota.

Announcements were made. Julia Vea closed the singing with song on page 315. Brad Hunnicutt led the closing prayer.

Chairman—Julie Vea; Secretary—Jeff VanderWilt