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Rivanna River Singing

Charlottesville Friends Meeting House, Charlottesville, Virginia

Saturday, September 9, 2017

The 15th annual Rivanna River All-Day Singing was called to order by Miranda Elliott-Rader leading 74b. Elections were held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Miranda Elliot-Rader; Vice Chairman—Ben Griffith; Treasurer—Zachary Bullock; Secretary—Beverly Yaeger. The opening prayer was offered by John Alexander.

Leaders: Ben Griffin 143; Zachary Bullock 61; Beverly Yaeger 171; John Alexander 56b; Tristan Cleveland 288; Hank Schutz 481; Judy Cahill 87; Adam Frey 455; Ateven Anderson 118; Les Updike 452; Matt Ference 70b; Kelly Macklin 433; Miles Louis Dakan 166; Emmie Strassberg 497; Chris Wolf 129; John delRe 141; Susan Green 128; Richard Green 350; Mary Helen Dupree 52t.


The class was called back together by Ben Griffin leading 84. Leaders: Leyland delRe 68t; Kathy Manning 203; Ben Hartland 410t; Miles Louis Dakan 278t; Tristan Cleveland 472; Matt Ference 300; Adam Frey 148; Kelly Macklin 202; John Alexander 317; Emmie Strassberg 479; Chris Wolf 383; Richard Green 189; Mary Helen Dupree 85; Ateven Anderson 114; John delRe 29b; Susan Green 272; Ben Griffin 318; Hank Schutz 155; Miranda Elliot-Rader 164; Zachary Bullock 499; Beverly Yaeger 344; Les Updike 373; Judy Cahill 421.

A memorial lesson was conducted by Tristan Cleveland. Emily led 159 in memory of the following deceased: Charles Bennet, Twyla Bennet, Eric Bedhauser, Campbell Conner, Stephanie Wolf, and John Bayer, Jr. Emily led 154 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Tyler Magill, Star, and Will Sessoms. A prayer was offered by John Alexander.


The afternoon sessions included song selections from either the Sacred Harp or Shenandoah Harmony (ShH). The class was called back to order by John Alexander and Diane Ober leading 438 (ShH). Leaders: Graham DeZarn 105 (ShH); Chris Wolf 153 (ShH); Emmie Strassberg 117; Ben Hartland 424t (ShH); Kelly Macklin 402 (ShH); Adam Frey 241t (ShH); Mary Helen Dupree 221 (ShH); Matt Ference 260 (ShH); Kathy Manning 162 (ShH); Richard Green 424b (ShH); Ateven Anderson 225 (ShH); Myles Louis Dakan 136 (ShH); Susan Green 338 (ShH); John delRe 452 (ShH); Beverly Yaeger 310 (ShH); John Alexander 37 (ShH); Leyland delRe 36 (ShH); Zachary Bullock 124 (ShH); Miranda Elliot-Rader 429 (ShH); Les Updike 296 (ShH); Graham DeZarn 56 (ShH).


The class was called back together by Ateven Anderson leading 163b. Leaders: Adam Frey 254 (ShH); Mary Helen Dupree 130 (ShH); Kathy Manning and Beverly Yaeger 431 (ShH); Myles Louis Dakan and Ateven Anderson 457 (ShH); Kelly Macklin and Dana Pauly 223 (ShH); Graham DeZarn and Susan Green 266 (ShH); Emmie Strassberg and Ben Griffin 242 (ShH); Ben Hartland and Chris Wolf 422 (ShH); Matt Ference and Ben Griffin 363 (ShH); Diane Ober and John Alexander 413 (ShH).

Judy Cahill offered the following resolutions, thanking Barbarie Hill and Tracy Kaminer for their work in the kitchen, John Alexander for being Chaplain, Tristan Cleveland for leading the memorial lesson, Frances Schutz for doing registration, Diane Ober and Beth Hodsdon for doing arranging, and John Alexander, John del Re, Hank Schutz and Matt Ference for pitching.

Miranda Elliott-Rader led 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by John Alexander.

Chairman—Miranda Elliott-Rader; Vice Chairman—Ben Griffin; Secretary—Beverly Yaeger