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Central Ontario Singing

Detweiler Meetinghouse, North Dumfries, Ontario

Saturday, August 26, 2017

The 14th annual Central Ontario All-Day Singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by Jan May leading 34b. Will Fitzgerald offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Chairman—Jan May; Secretary and Arranging Officer—Gillian Inksetter; Treasurer—Chuck Crawford.

Leaders: Jay May 171; Gillian Inksetter 73t; Naomi Duguid 268; Nicole Collins 547; Chuck Crawford 287, 288; Kim Kendrick 159, 146; Gerry Hoffman 477, 522; Frances Miller 168, 351; Andrew Louis 147t, 68b.


Hanna Caruso and Ellen Torrie brought the class back to order by leading 64. Leaders: Martha Beverly 532, 271t; Anne Evers 573; Rochelle Lodder 313t, 335; Nicoletta Rogers 501, 270; Bess Fitzgerald 32t, 131b; Marian Mitchell 387, 564; Frank Griggs 67, 442; Mary Grahame Hunter 30b, 45t; Sara Sandberg 81t, 144.


Steve Rogers brought the class back to order by leading 47t. Leaders: Kathleen McDonnell 65, 299; Chuck Crawford 59; Inga Huebner 56b, 323b; Ellen Torrie and Hanna Caruso 178; Lyn Caswell and Elizabeth Barlow 546; Lyn Caswell 122.

Pleasance Crawford conducted the memorial lesson. She spoke and led 50b in honor of the following individuals who were unable to be with us: Chris Holley, Tiana Marquez, Benjamin Landrus, Mary S, and Mike Ramsey.

She spoke and led 163b to remember the deceased: Eloise Wootten, Gravis Ballinger, and Caleb Allred—Alabama; Hugh McGraw, B.M. Smith, Loyd Landrum, Johnny Lee, Delorese Lee, and Edna Vickers—Georgia; Cynthia Mason—Pennsylvania; Lila Mitchell—New York; John Bayer—Ohio; Collette Miller and Charles Wells—Minnesota; Les Sontag—Illinois; Edith Owen—Texas; Pat Colterahn—Vermont; Savannah Jasime Ross and Esther Homme—Ontario; Catherine Ministed; D. Cullen; and Gail St. George. Gillian Inksetter led the class in the Lutheran Table Grace to the tune of 49t as a sung blessing before dinner.


Tom Evers brought the class back to order leading 105. Leaders: Greg Jenkins and Angela Jenkins 472; Eric Sandberg 37b, 228; Tom Ivey 254; Giles Simmer and Alexander Simmer 82t; Anne Evers 236; Kerry Cullinan 486, 280; Ted Mercer 431, 275t; Samuel Sommers 115, 500; Sharon Strong 304; Will Fitzgerald 245 (in memory Joni Lynn Fitzgerald); Brian How 503, 183; Catherine Brown and Naomi Andre 66, 29t.


Frances Miller called the class back to order leading 40. Leaders: Steve Rogers and Nicoletta Rogers 96 (HS); Idy Kiser 338, 385b; Margaret Hahn 52t, 148; Gary Roth and Gillian Inksetter 250; Ann Miczulski 474, 569b; Anne Missavage 430, 212; Bill Beverly 191, 106; Cecelia Kramer 180, 157; John Seaton 48t, 49b; Jamie Yeats 496, 47b; Dean Knuth 566, 479; Lloy Cook 276; Tom Evers 86; Pleasance Crawford 389; Elizabeth Barlow 384. Jan May thanked all who helped make the singing a success. The Treasurer reported that all expenses had been met. The Secretary reported that seventy singers from six states, the District of Columbia, two Canadian provinces, and Germany sang ninety-one songs led by forty-eight leaders.

Following announcements, Jan May led 347 as the closing song. Will Fitzgerald offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Jan May; Secretary—Gillian Inksetter