Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Piccolo Spoleto Sacred Harp Singing

Wellbrock Hall, Cathedral of St. Luke & St. Paul,
Charleston, South Carolina

Saturday, May 27, 2017

The 8th annual Piccolo Spoleto Sacred Harp singing began at 9:30 a.m. with an introductory lesson taught by Dr. Robert Kelley: leading scales, 49t, and 49b for practice. Stephen Jones welcomed the class at 10:00 a.m. with a prayer and a song to open the first morning session.

Leaders: Stephen Jones 24t; Robert Kelley 32b; Rob Dillon 38b; Thomas Smith 535; John Gentry 101t; Gene Pinion 36b; David Wilson 276; David Smead 72t; Lisa Bennett 89; Agnes Roberts 294; Joyce Heath 72b; Chandler Thigpen 162; Rachel Mann 87; Tom Ivey 475; Sharon Strong 112; Suzanne Coffman 30b; Cleve Callison 479.


Leaders: Jenny Callison 358; Stephen Jones 123b; Ariadne Zitsos 82t; Robert Kelley 407; Rob Dillon 547; Ariadne Zitsos 178; Thomas Smith 143; John Gentry 503; Gene Pinion 417; Rob Kelly 312b; David Wilson 313b; David Smead 122; Lisa Bennett 269; Agnes Roberts 59; Joyce Heath 212; Chandler Thigpen 318; Rachel Mann 282; Tom Ivey 528; Sharon Strong 524.


Leaders: Suzanne Coffman 146; Tom Ivey 268; Darlene Moak 47b; Sarah Eirich 283; Isaac Iverson 163b; Gene Pinion 121; Cleve Callison 198; Jenny Callison 277; Stephen Jones 254; Robert Kelley 344; Rob Dillon 147t; Thomas Smith 448t; John Gentry 224; Gene Pinion 124; David Wilson 40; David Smead 460.


Leaders: Lisa Bennett 142; Agnes Roberts 64; Chandler Thigpen 168; Cleve Callison 34b; Sarah Eirich 47t; Joyce Heath 52b; Chandler Thigpen 242; Rachel Mann 229; Tom Ivey 56b; Sharon Strong 340; Suzanne Coffman 354b; Darlene Moak 155; Sarah Eirich 86; Isaac Iverson 128; Stephen Jones 457; Robert Kelley 416; Rob Dillon 45t; Thomas Smith 49b; John Gentry 106; Gene Pinion 549; David Wilson 31t; David Smead 163t; Stephen Jones 347.

At 3:00 p.m., Stephen Jones and attendees thanked everyone involved for the truly successful singing, particularly the intern and volunteer from the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. Also thanked were the participants who worked in the kitchen, particularly Delynne Lilly and Sarah Eirich. Suzanne Jones was recognized for the meticulous arranging. Participants announced future singings and other events. John Gentry offered a closing prayer. Stephen Jones led 347, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Stephen Jones; Vice Chairman—Suzanne Coffman; Secretary—Rob Dillon