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Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Spring Session

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Harrison, Arkansas

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Spring Session, was called to order by Dan Brittain leading 65, and he welcomed all to the singing. Bill Caldwell offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Andrew Albers 294, 58; Katy Black 312b, 350; Dan Brittain 13 (MH), 34 (MH).


Syd Caldwell brought the class back into session leading 142 (MH) and 128 (MH). Leaders: Andrew Albers 177 (MH), 153 (MH); Katy Black 276, 277; Bill Caldwell 135 (MH), 180 (MH); Darryl Criss 138 (MH), 89 (MH); Dan Brittain 141, 146.


Dan Brittain brought the class back to order leading 111b. Syd Caldwell began the memorial service by reading the following list of names of those who have passed away: John Bayer and Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Alfred Caldwell and B.M. Smith—Georgia; Les Sontag and Janelle Davis—Illinois; Charlie Derleth—Missouri; Lois Graney, Deen Guths, Steve Ludlow, and Rick Myer—Arkansas. Syd spoke, and led 348b and 318 in their memory.

Bill Caldwell read the following list of names of the sick and shut-ins: Gail Cowart, Melanie Hauff, Myron House, Hugh McGraw, Curtis Owen, Edith Owen, Karen Rollins, Tommy Spurlock, and Margaret Spurlock. We sang 503 to encourage them, and Bill offered prayer to close the memorial lesson. Dan Brittain led 164 (MH) as our table grace.


Syd Caldwell led 99 and 212 to bring the class together. Announcements were made. Leaders: Andrew Albers and Melanie Albers 86; Andrew Albers 227; Katy Black and Margaux Burleson 142, 344; Darryl Criss 117, 63; Syd Caldwell and Bonnie Wood 368t (CB).


Dan Brittain brought the class back together leading 64 and 181. Leaders: Bill Caldwell 113 (MH), 62 (MH); Syd Caldwell, Terry Davis, and Lynda Chapman 82t, 472.

Dan Brittain led 521 as the closing song. Bill Caldwell offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Dan Brittain; Vice Chairman—Andrew Albers; Katy Black—Secretary