Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cornucopia Singing

Residence of Rowan Lupton, Princeton, New Jersey

November 23-24, 2016

Wednesday night, November 23

The 5th annual Cornucopia All-Night Singing began on Wednesday night before the Sunday after the fourth Thursday in November at the residence of Rowan Lupton in Princeton, New Jersey. Jeff Gauthier called the class to order by leading 354b, followed by opening remarks.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Jeff Gauthier; Vice Chairman—Julia Seidenstein; Treasurer—Nathalie Levine; Secretary—Jade Levine.

Leaders: Julia Seidenstein 179; Nathalie Levine 284; Rachel Speer 318; Krista Guerrieri 384; Leon Pulsinelle 82t; Dean Jens 475; Elise Cavicchi 142; Greg Vallette 503; Jade Levine 47t; Nathalie Levine 35; Zoë Madonna 56t; Clarissa Fetrow 52t.


Leon Pulsinelle called the class back together by leading 335. Leaders: Elise Cavicchi 99; Julia Seidenstein 59; Greg Vallette 260; Jade Levine 268; Nathalie Levine 63; Krista Guerrieri 297; Jeff Gauthier “Heaven’s Liquor”; Greg Vallette 178; Leon Pulsinelle 168; Clarissa Fetrow 300; Angharad Davis 474; Elise Cavicchi 111b; Krista Guerrieri 146; Octavian Davis 191; Jeff Gauthier and Jade Levine “Heaven’s Liquor.” Julia Seidenstein offered a prayer before the meal.


Thursday morning, November 24

Rowan Lupton and Jade Levine brought the class together by leading 236. Leaders: Julia Seidenstein 201; Jade Levine 209; Jeff Gauthier 319; Greg Vallette 313b; Leon Pulsinelle 55; Nathalie Levine 148; Krista Guerrieri 117; Jeff Gauthier 276; Jade Levine 186; Julia Seidenstein 112; Rowan Lupton 149; Greg Vallette 277; Leon Pulsinelle 214; Jeff Gauthier and Nathalie Levine 250; Joel Menk 472; Krista Guerrieri 396; Miriam Delirium 505; Clarissa Fetrow 183; Jeff Gauthier 528.

Announcements were made. The Secretary reported that forty-nine songs had been led by leaders from nine states, some of whom led via internet web-stream. The Treasurer announced that expenses had been met. The Resolutions Committee thanked Rowan Lupton, Lynda Lee, and Robert Lupton for once again providing their house, and all who offered food and support. We resolved to meet again and sing together on Wednesday night before the Sunday after the fourth Thursday in November, 2017.

Chairman—Jeff Gauthier; Vice Chairman—Julia Seidenstein; Secretary—Jade Levine