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Northwestern Pennsylvania Sacred Harp Singing

First Universalist Church of Girard, Girard, Pennsylvania

Saturday, October 8, 2016

The 9th annual Northwestern Pennsylvania Sacred Harp singing held on Saturday before the second Sunday in October at the First Universalist Church of Girard was called to order by Gerry Hoffman leading 34b. Katie White offered the opening prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Secretary—Cecelia Kramer; Chaplain—Katie White; Memorial Committee—Martha Beverly and Katie White; Treasurer—Gerry Hoffman; Kitchen Chief—Brian How; Arranging Officer—Gerry Hoffman.

The Chairman announced that this Singing was dedicated to the memory of First Universalist congregant member, Lance Barclay.

Leaders: Cecelia Kramer 47t, 47b; Katie White 171, 106; Brian How 497, 183; Martha Beverly 528, 430; Chuck Crawford 107, 313t; Marian Mitchell 71, 368; Beth Todd 52t, 70b; Pleasance Crawford 564, 565; Katie Reimers 48t, 547; Dave Witter 49b, 276.


Gillian Inksetter called the class back to order leading 56t. Leaders: Bill Beverly 124, 191 (in tribute to the victims of Hurricane Mathew); Jerusha Wheeler 200, 551; Gillian Inksetter 217, 439; Jan May 515, 228; Ginny Landgraf 216, 478; Ben Grubb 33b, 146; Doug Hill 34t, 163t.


Beth Todd called the class back to order leading 66. Leaders: Gerry Hoffman and Stephanie Phillips 236, 178; Nick Stocks 112, 163b; Cecelia Kramer 180, 271t.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Martha Beverly reminded us how important it is to reach out by telephone, card, or email to lift the spirits of those who are homebound. Martha read the following list of sick and homebound, and then led 70t for them: Anne Missavage, Julie Vea, Johanna Fabke, Marilyn Eichenlaub, and Melanie Hauff.

Katie White noted, with sadness, that it was a year of great loss with great numbers of names on the list of the deceased. These are members of our family; our community of Sacred Harp. Heaven is our home and we are all on the journey to arrive there to be reunited with our Sacred Harp family. The following list of the deceased was read: Lance Barclay, Oliver Kindig-Stokes, Bill Hickman, Becky Hickman—Pennsylvania; Loraine Bayer—Ohio; Vernelle Amason, Kathleen Doss Traywick, Elsie Moon, Steve Adams, Kermit Adams, S.T. Reed, Toney Smith, and Gary Smith—Alabama; Jo Houghton—New York; Charlie Derleth—Missouri; Joe Nall—Florida; Janelle Davis—Illinois; Max Stackhouse—Massachusetts; Earlis McGraw, Benjamin “B.M.” Smith—Georgia; Francis Bliss—Maine; Ruth Steggles—United Kingdom; and Jan Plecash—Ontario, Canada. Katie White led 114 for the deceased. The memorial lesson was closed with a prayer offered by Katie White.

Leaders: Chuck Crawford 72b, 312b; Marian Mitchell 300, 504. The blessing before the noon meal was offered by Katie White.


The class was called back to order by Jerusha Wheeler leading 270. Leaders: Brian How 86; Martha Beverly 534; Beth Todd 373; Katie White 457; Pleasance Crawford 550; Katie Reimers 549; Dave Witter 122; Bill Beverly 546; Susan Turnquist 81t; Jerusha Wheeler and Kelsey Chapman 196; Gillian Inksetter 377; Gerry Hoffman 68b; Jan May 362; Helen Hedrick 148; Ginny Landgraf 173; Ben Grubb 56b; Doug Hill 152; Nick Stocks 284.


The class was called back to order by Cecelia Kramer leading 84. Leaders: Chuck Crawford 314; Ginny Landgraf 507; Jerusha Wheeler 269; Martha Beverly 475; Pleasance Crawford 174; Bill Beverly 440; Gillian Inksetter 448b; Marian Mitchell 344; Dave Witter 454; Susan Turnquist 53.

In a brief business session, Gerry Hoffman announced that expenses were met. Thanks were extended to all who helped with the singing, and travelers for coming to sing. Announcements were made.

Gerry Hoffman led 347 as the closing song. Katie White offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Gerry Hoffman; Secretary—Cecelia Kramer