Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Munich Sacred Harp Singing and Workshop

St. Martin Spirituelles Zentrum, Munich, Germany

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The 2nd all-day singing in Munich, Germany, was held on the first Sunday in October at St. Martin Spirituelles Zentrum in the Glockenbach neighborhood of Munich. Peter Kocher welcomed singers.

Yotin Tiewtrakul taught a singing school/workshop, introducing shapes to beginning singers. Yotin Tiewtrakul used and led the following songs: 47t, 162, 45t, 35t, 101t, and 39t.

Leaders: Harald Grundner 70b; Ulrike Tietjen 428; Andreas Manz 28t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Peter Kocher; Treasurer and Secretary—Hinrich Kruger, Arranging Committee—Amelie Kruger and Naomi Kaye Honova.


The class was called back to order by Laura Eisen leading 102. Leaders: Peter Kocher 540; Tobias Kanngiesser 452; Dominik Fraune 38t; Benjamin Schallwig 448t; Franka Sprzagala 171; Andreas Manz 144; Stefan Swat 49t; Ruth McNamara 49b; Heather Thompson 31t; Elisabeth Schallwig 448b; Gerben Vos 183; Peter Sabel 71; Harald Grundner 51; Laura Eisen 480; Emma Rock 142; Ursula Diderich 178; Magdalena Osthaus 375; Yotin Tiewtrakul 290; Jan Hon 86; Naomi Kaye Honova 182.


The class was called back to order by Ulrike Tietjen leading 225t. Leaders: Laura Eisen 542; Naomi Kaye Honova 300; Jan Hon 186; Harald Grundner 145t; Emma Rock 198; Amelie Kruger 29t; Ursula Diderich 38b; Ulrike Tietjen 564; Magdalena Osthaus 411; Dominik Fraune 350, 59; Andreas Manz 115; Stefan Swat 277; Ruth McNamara 335; Heather Thompson 146; Elisabeth Schallwig 378b; Gerben Vos 84; Peter Kocher 344; Yotin Tiewtrakul 528; Tobias Kanngiesser 268; Franka Sprzagala 457; Peter Sabel 85.


The class was called back to order by Harald Grundner leading 106. Leaders: Gerben Vos 377; Yotin Tiewtrakul 236; Ruth McNamara 274t; Andreas Manz 460; Heather Thompson 163b; Franka Sprzagala 330b; Emma Rock 181; Elisabeth Schallwig 348t; Stefan Swat 547; Dominik Fraune 538; Ursula Diderich 209; Harald Grundner 309; Laura Eisen 425; Ulrike Tietjen 487; Peter Kocher 148; Mannheim singers 481; Bremen singers 42; Cologne singers 163t; Bavarian singers minus Munich 47b; Munich singers 231; singers from the rest of the world 162; Hamburg singers 28b.

Announcements were made. There were people in attendance from six countries (Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, Netherlands, United States, and Czech Republic). The closing prayer was offered by Naomi Kaye Honova, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Peter Kocher; Secretary—Hinrich Kruger