Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cispus Singing

Cispus Learning Center, Randle, Washington

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Cispus Singing was called to order by Kate Fortin leading 101t. The opening prayer was offered by Marty Fortin.

A business meeting was held and service positions were elected and appointed as follows: Chairman—Susan Fortin; Arranging Officer—Kate Fortin; Chaplain—Marty Fortin; Secretary—Rogan Campbell.

Leaders: Susan Fortin 59; Rogan Campbell 284; Tom McTighe 318; Kathy Vlach 40; Erik Schwab 345b; Kate Fine 47b; Adam Berey 294; Kelly Kennedy 150; Laura McMurray 290; Karen Willard 88t; Marla Elliott 24t; Kevin Barrans 100; Ana Tighe 565; Clarissa Fetrow and Vicki Westerberg 566; Kate Coxon 474; Bruce Roberts and Kate Fortin 479; Alexandra Maymi 466; Tom McTighe 113; Kathy Vlach 169; Erik Schwab 546. Marty Fortin offered the noon blessing.


Kate Fortin called the class back together leading 56t. Leaders: Adam Berey 392; Kate Fine 212; Kelly Kennedy 455; Laura McMurray 159; Karen Willard 484; Rogan Campbell 346; Marla Elliott 36b; Kevin Barrans 196; Alexandra Maymi 271t; Clarissa Fetrow 176b; Ana Tighe 460; Kate Coxon 386; Erik Schwab 313b; Tom McTighe 142; Kathy Vlach 24b; Laura McMurray 30b; Kate Fine 475; Adam Berey 230.


Marla Elliott called the class back together by leading 348t. Leaders: Kelly Kennedy 447; Karen Willard 387; Kevin Barrans 112; Alexandra Maymi 207; Vicki Westerberg and Marla Elliott 503; Clarissa Fetrow 123t; Kate Coxon and Zoe Scofield 387; Ana Tighe 564; Tom McTighe 365; Kathy Vlach 549; Adam Berey 99.

Announcements were made. The Secretary and Arranging Officer reported fifty-two songs sung with twenty-five attendees and twenty leaders from two states.

Susan Fortin led 62 as the class took the parting hand. Marty Fortin offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Susan Fortin; Secretary—Rogan Campbell